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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the site, but I stumbled upon a couple things this morning that inspired me so I thought I would share them with you. This first one, a video made by young Jack is truly inspiring. This little fella has more heart and talent than most of us could ever dream to possess. Watching him derive so much joy from the bicycle is amazing and brings us back to the roots of why we all starting riding in the first place, it’s FUN! Whenever we get too caught up the stress of everyday life and the petty things that derail us, the bike is always there to bring us back to center. Watch this video and then go for ride!

YouTube Preview Image

This second one inspires, but in a slightly different manner.

Road Popper.

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16 Replies to “Inspiration”

  1. never get tired of seeing that video. reminds me of my kids (when they were still kids)

    the road popper? not so much. $112.00(?!) & no mounting hardware? pass. i have a multi-tool in my saddle bag that can open any bottle/can i have ever come across.

  2. ok. my bad. i didn’t scroll down to all the material options available..but still, $40 for a bottle opener? (& still no mounting hardware); & where/how do i carry tools & such? or is this only for the hipsters that don’t need stupid stuff like extra tubes?

  3. Geat video! I cannot wait for my little guy to be there. Thanks for making my day!

  4. there are so many other things on a bike/ride that can open a bottle…no need for cluttering up your seat with that trinket.
    see aslo: SPD, Time or Crank Bros pedal…rock, guard rail, sign post…teeth?

  5. …5 ???…young jack is already a cycling badass at 5 years old !!!

    …but ya, the point being, the simple joy & fun of riding a bike is what it’s all about…

    …i may find a dozen reasons to piss around & procrastinate but once i get out there, it all comes flooding back to me…

    “i feel ‘at home’ on this machine & i dig the fuck out of being on it…pure, simple fun…”

  6. Has anyone heard if Danny MacAskill has seen this and gone riding with the young grommet? Or if anyone has sent this kid a new fork and wheel?

  7. “not intended for alcoholic beverages…”? What? Obviously they don’t care about the product. If you’re going to lie about the product, you can keep it. No wonder they’re charging out the ass, they’re just in it for the money. Whatever happen to doing something because it made you and other people happy….Shameless

  8. for anyone with kids beginning the stoke on the MTB, this is the most inspiring clip since Office Space for us TPS report making cubicle dwellers…
    That kid rocks!

  9. …think about the size of those little wheels & the size of the kid for that matter & extrapolate what size those various obstacles would be if you were riding that kinda stuff on your bike…

    …that ‘beam’ ride he does with the pallet in the middle was awesome…c’mon, let’s see a show of hands if you think you could do that & be that casual doing it…personally, me, not so much…

    …that kid has prob’ly taken a few knocks & will likely continue to do so but if his sense of cycling adventure stays large as it is now, he’s the kinda little bopper who could eventually surpass his idol danny mac, ya ???…

  10. Collectively we really need to put a stop to these kids and all their radness. They’re making us all look really bad

  11. Jack,

    That mean old Arthur* paid me a visit and left me a supersized owie. Can’t even stand up straight. But I’m gonna ride anyway, just because I can. Thanks, kid, you’re alright. Keep up the good work.

    Uncle Joe

    *itis. Don’t ask.