Chicks and Trix

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These girls are way hotter than the soft porn pics of 16-year-old asses you guys love so much. Thanks to Jess for sending me this video on the DC Facebook page. It’s nice to see the girls RIDING BIKES, instead of standing next to them, looking dumb and unathletic.

The days of DC porn are over. Get over it. You know where the archives are so I am not even gonna link it.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

36 Replies to “Chicks and Trix”

  1. We’re men. We’ll be the judges of what is hot and what is not. Unless you’re, well, you know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Oh yeah, and if it’s “women specific”, does that mean it’s easier because they’re girls?

  3. well DC chickies i’ve got a rager. i think it’s super hot and am personally not willing to do any, even “woman specific”, gap jumps myself!

    excuse me i need to fetch a tissue…….

  4. Look if more women get into the sport dorks that ride will have a better chance of getting lucky. Without chicks the sport is just another sausage hang. A women that rides automatically becomes a 8 or better on a 10 point scale.

  5. If DC has been anyone’s primary porn site, then…well yeah.

    We men tend to enjoy the idea of dumb and unathletic women as we can more easily impress them with our immature wit and weekend warrior physical acumen. That said, a women who can kick my ass on two wheels is a hell of a lot hotter than a women with just a hot ass.

  6. Judi, your welcome. I sent it too you because I know you are trying to grow the female aspect of all areas of cycling. While I love me some female hotness something about women on bicycles makes me that much happier. Plus I live in SoCal. Most of the shit posted on here I could ride to the beach in 40mins and see that or better in bikinis on beach cruisers. So usually the posts about female form bore me. Oh yeah tell Dom to check out the FISE flatland videos. I think has some up. There was some awesome shit going down over there this year.

  7. Any guy who has ever been set up on a blind date by a chick learns quick not to not to trust a woman’s opinion of another woman. Don’t know if it is just lack of judgement or (and this is more likely) for whatever reason chicks just don’t seem to like other hot chicks.

  8. Mrs. Joe would not touch a bike with a barge pole. But after thirty years of wedded bliss, she still melts my butter. Your mileage may vary.

  9. My wife doesn’t ride bikes at all. She’s awesome.

    I still like looking at pictures of hot girls on or off bikes.


  10. Can’t we think it’s fucking awesome that the ladies are out shredding while still enjoying a hot piece of ass next to a hot piece of bike? Duality and non-duality folks. That’s all we’ve got anyhow.

  11. …some girls ride bikes & they’re cool & some girls don’t & that doesn’t make any less cool…

    …in fact, a coupla musicians named mick n’ keef offered their opinion about ‘some girls’…

    “…Some girls take my money
    Some girls take my clothes
    Some girls get the shirt off my back
    And leave me with a lethal dose

    French girls they want Cartier
    Italian girls want cars
    American girls want everything in the world
    You can possibly imagine

    English girls they’re so prissy
    I can’t stand them on the telephone
    Sometimes I take the receiver off the hook
    I don’t want them to ever call at all

    White girls they’re pretty funny
    Sometimes they drive me mad
    Black girls just wanna get fucked all night
    I just don’t have that much jam

    Chinese girls are so gentle
    They’re really such a tease
    You never know quite what they’re cookin’
    Inside those silky sleeves…”

    …anyway…they had more to say on the subject but you get the picture, ya ???…

  12. Girls on bikes are great. Photos of same are generally great. Photos of a “model” next to a bicycle prop are generally entertaining. She may not be a “cyclist,” but in some circles neither am I.

    I’d post pic of half naked men, but my maleness prevents it. Nah, it really doesn’t.


    Still thought, it really ain’t my bag. Someone else needs to post this shit.

  13. porn is subjective.

    DC has been porn to me for some time, fatbike porn, girls next to bikes softcore, words about the struggles to ride porn, porn about porn porn, words about the DC history porn.

    In fact some of the responses themselves are porn.

    I love me some porn.

    In July this place is gong to be porn central.

    I am off to go make porn now, singletrack and really dirty porn.

  14. “Some people forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone in the body.” – Jackie Treehorn

    “I still jerk off manually.” – The Dude.

  15. …rogbie…are you still tryin’ to get laid with that ‘baby, i’m sensitive to your needs’ bit ???…jeez…

  16. You’re putting pigeons in the wrong hole, bud. Better stop before they go Jurassic Park on you.

  17. …not to worry, rogbie…just tryin’ to sort out the ones with over-the-top ‘daddy’ issues…chicks w/ abandonment issues understandably never get over it, so it’s all in how they deal with it…

  18. Judi is a female. She rides a bike. Therefore, she looks good on a bike…in my humble opinion.

  19. I think that you should be grateful that Judi’s response which exposed you to the world was pulled, Arsehat!

  20. @31: It wasn’t particularly funny…but don’t worry, I’ve told a few stinkers here on the site, too. These things happen. No harm, no foul.

  21. In either case, when in the wrong I will always apologize…sorry Judi, it was supposed to be a joke, but when it comes to sarcasm, it is hard to type it out.

  22. Jimmy and Tammy rock it so hard. anyone here ride their backyard before they moved? waiting for the new yard near springs yo. I know superco bros read this shit so whats up?