Caption this:

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Hilarity is pouring in over at the DC Facebook. Here are some winners: “No blondie, this foot belongs on the other pedal.” – A. Ex

“Nice pair of tits.” – R. Waite

“Could you pick my jaw up please… it’s just there.” – V. Keepers

“Want me to put it up for you?” – T. Smith

“Does the carpet match the drapes like your top matches those shoes??” – J. Hall

“Now if we get this up and you throw your leg over, then I’ll explain what happens next…” – G. Rees

“ANTS!!!” – M. Sommer

“Can I touch that nipple?” – T. Gough

“Bike’s fucked, ride me?????” – C. Lucas

“And that right there,is the very spot where I kicked Chuck Norris’ ass.” – D. Marin

What do you got?

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14 Replies to “Caption this:”

  1. I got nothing to add to the excellent comments selection…but those tits are PRO.

  2. …comment #4 (j.hall) – “…does the carpet match the drapes…???”

    …amigo, nobody knows ‘cuz there hasn’t been a carpet there in years…that’s as smooth & as slick as a freshly waxed hardwood floor…

  3. Damned shame. I’d a give it the Stanley Steamer treatment, bad as I need the money.

  4. *Meant to say, “…give it the Stanley Steamer treatment for free, bad as I need the money.” But I bet y’all got my drift.