DC Facebook Roundup

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What better way to start the weekly DC Facebook Roundup than on the day a once homeless graffiti artist becomes worth a half a billion? Yup, today Facebook goes for sale for $104 billion. That’s equal to like 5 of my cupcakes. Chump change for us here at DC. See, for us here at DC, we don’t measure our wealth in dollars. Our currency is babes. Steamy hot babes on bikes (SHBOB, pronounced “shi-bobs”) and the Facebook page is loaded with SHBOB’s for your ocular pleasure. Being the young gun of DC, I’ve taken some of the responsibility to use whatever social networking skills I was born with to put together content to help make your days a bit more salacious.

Here’s a snippet of some of our favorites, and comments by fellow drunk cyclist-ers:

"Yeah, my favorite part of cycling is drafting bare b-hole." - E. Murphy
"I like the denim belt." - D. Furmage
"Camelbike?" - J. Glodo
"Wow! That will be my next ex-wife!" - D. Bissell
"Has a nice kickstand Rack looks well constructed also." - D. McAlpine
"I think it is just the angle of the picture, she has a sweet wattage cottage." - J. Csakany
"Not really high enough to be cumulus, more likely to be altostratus but hard to tell just by looking up from this angle." - M. Walsh
"Would you stop it! Now the rest of my day is downhill...." - W. Morris
"Call the cops, I think this woman stole my ass!" - Y. Hernlund
"It's painted/drawn on, its not a jersey.." - R. Miller

"Downhill is a tough Habit to break." - S. Lindemann

This and lots more…come check us out. #occupybikeseat

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

12 Replies to “DC Facebook Roundup”

  1. Done.

    Two generously proportioned T’s ordered.

    What’s this shit that the Western Patch “can not be shipped to New Zealand” message that I got?

    You getting all ‘Locals rule” on us?

  2. Hey Hurben! Thats news to me…I will look into it. I’m kind of learning on the job about all this web store type stuff
    and you can rest assured that I will never be all “locals rule”. Never.

  3. I knew that, DB, I was just pushing your buttons.

    You do great work & I love reading your stuff here.

  4. I haven’t been keeping up in a while on the site, but I certainly do enjoy the ocular indulgence in facebook. Always good to know when new DC gear is here. Bring some DC to Tennessee. Although, Dan probably beat me to it….

  5. …there is nothing ‘salacious’ about good ol’ all-american or all-world pussy…it’s nothing but beautiful healthy stuff…

    …what’s salacious is the sleazy, dirty, depraved things that ‘most’ dc readers would like to do with that pussy…that’s what’s salacious…

  6. bikes, beers and babes. I have all 3 in my life. just more of the bikes and beers, not so much of the babes