Fitz-Barn Ride

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It’s tough to deny the fact that grassroots, long, self supported endurance events are blowing up.  One of the newest events to add to the list is the upcoming Fitz-Barn Ride that starts in Victor, ID and ends in Hamilton, MT.  Starts at a bike shope (Fitzgeralds Bicycles in Victor, ID), ends at a bike shop (Red Barn Bikes in Hamilton, MT), and includes a trip through some great terrain in Eastern Idaho and Southwest Montana.  The start date is set for August 17, the route will be around 350 miles over a combination of roads, dirt roads, doubletrack, and singletrack.  Having spent some time in that neck of the woods, I can assure you that the landscape will be top notch.  For all those interested in participating, keep checking the race web page where more information will be made available.  Also check out Chad’s (owner of Red Barn Bikes) writings and photos from his bikepacking tour through this area.

Bridge along the route
Bannock Pass, the heigh point of the route
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7 Replies to “Fitz-Barn Ride”

  1. That sounds spectacular.

    I’d consider it, but an old, busted-up “never was” such as myself would end up as vulture bait.

  2. “unsupported, group ride”

    Fuck. I’m sold. I don’t even know where Montana is tho.

  3. i believe it’s some kind of primal awareness of the almost sub-sensory hum of the approaching (imminent) climatic apocalypse that is motivating people to gravitate towards gravel, derelict back country roadways and self supported adventures, fun, whimsy and debauchery to prepare for the eventuality of the shit hitting the fan.

  4. Dunno Wade. Is it going to hit 11 organic subnuclear? I bet the tide shift will shift the mind and the survivors will be fine. I hope Bikes will probably rule just the same.