Who is ready for Mohican MTB100?

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I am as ready as I will ever be.
Are you?

It’s not too late to sign up! You know you want to! There are 513 people signed up as of now, so there is still time to get reg’d. I talked Russell from PA (who now lives in Ohio) into signing up, and he’ll be camping with us.


My time on the dirt is limited due to rain, no vehicle unless planned out accordingly, or bumming a ride to the trail with friends. I had the opportunity to ride in Brown County Indiana and it was the most fun I’ve ever had on the dirt. With perfect conditions, these trails were no less than pure awesomeness. Like a freeway, as Russell would say. Rolling hills, some climbing up to Hesitation Point, a few rock gardens, splashes of water, so much freakin’ fun.

We got in about five hours of riding, and my legs were thoroughly trashed when we finished.

The day before the trip to Brown County, I rode 70ish miles on the road. I like those back to back days of long rides on the bike. The day before that, I commuted to work. And the day before that I put in 63 miles on the road. I kinna hate my road bike right now, but one day of rain closes the trails for days and we wait…and wait…for dry trail again.

I mentioned the tandem we bought at the bike co-op last month. We spent $150 for this thing. Dominic went to work on it right away. Stripped her down, primed and painted her, put in about another $100 on parts, and BOOM. We got this beautiful bike.

My husband is an artist when it comes to rehabbing bikes.

Other than that, the month of May is closing in and I am so fucking busy, I can’t think straight.

– Collecting donations for the bike co-op’s annual fundraiser on the 26th.

– Getting last minute details sorted out for Kid’s Night which starts June 11th.

– Century planned for this Sunday the 20th with almost 6000 feet of climbing.

– Dominic’s doing a bike safety class and Flat demo on the 21st for an elementary school near the co-op to promote Bike Month, and Kid’s Night at MoBo.

– Trip to Versailles on the 25th for one last long MTB ride.

– Trying to plan for Gnome’s arrival though I have no clue what his plans are except that he’s supposed to fly in on the 30th. (hint hint).

That’s about it. Ride on.

I’ll leave ya with my favorite Beastie Boys tune.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

10 Replies to “Who is ready for Mohican MTB100?”

  1. Yo Judi. I’ll send you a friend thingy on the Facedork so I can meet you guys when I roll over there on Friday. My wife can’t make it because its the last day of school and her boss is a dick, so I’ll be either flying solo or with one of my teammates. I did 102 miles offroad a couple weekends ago…gonna put in 70 or so this Sunday for a final prep. New wheels, new cassette, new chain on the Voodoo…should be ready to rock.

    Totally looking forward to it.

  2. I just picked up an old schwinn tandem with a drum brake and some beat down paint. Joe likes it because it’s sitting in his yard now. But soon, I’m going to rub that shit down like my name ends with Expressti.

  3. @Judi Have a blast at Mohican.
    @Gnome Damn, my tandem is perfect, just missing the drum brake. I gather they are a subculture on their own (the drum brakes that is ;) )

  4. I’ve got a 1970 Schwinn Twinn that my parent’s got for a wedding present. I rehabbed it last year, threw some old mountain bike rims and tires on it, and its our bar cruiser. I can’t let the wife drive, though, she’s crazy.