I am pumped for Big Jonny…

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So stoked BJ passed the bar, that mofo has been busting his ass for a long damn time to make this happen. Anyways, I thought I’d put something together for him to say fuck yeah.

You make me Proud Big Jonny!

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21 Replies to “I am pumped for Big Jonny…”

  1. My typical response to someone passing the bar would echo TripleT’s but in this case their seems to be a genuine higher calling. Congrats Jonny, very impressive performance.

    So my question for you would be do you which LeMond picture do you relate to more after what I am sure has been a brutal process – the finish line in the 89 WC or the aftermath of the Paris Roubaix around same year?

  2. Congrats Jonny, as stated above there is a reason for your path. I don’t see a money grubber or ambulance chaser. It is always the people with background motivation that male the biggest changes. The cycling world will be better guaranteed. Good on ya mate!

  3. …i’ll keep it real simple…major props to you, gianni…you’ve accomplished the first big step of what you set out to do…

    …i have complete faith in you following the rest of your vision now that you’ve given yourself the tools you need to do just that…

    …despite the foolishness we all bandy about on this site, your responses have always been well balanced…

    …i sense that balance is what will lead you in your future…good luck…

  4. What BGW said.

    He articulated it far better than I could have.

    Well done Big Guy!

    Good on you.

  5. As a second career lawyer myself, keep it real. Don’t let them eat you alive, ’cause they sure as hell will try. Choose your clients wisely and represent them well.

  6. I don’t know what career iteration it has been for me but glad to see you here at the bar. I second the “choose your clients wisely” advice. Saying no is often the only thing that will keep you from lying down on the train tracks and calling it a day.

  7. i am certain that the world will hand you an enormous satchel of sleep-depriving responsibility. i’m counting on you to call me when you want to ditch it. until then, i’m just whatever.

    xo, i guess?

    ham and hannukah,

  8. I got some parking tickets I could use a little help on now that your legit