Whiskey for breakfast, Whiskey for lunch

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More information on the Whiskey Off-Road dropped in just under an hour ago. Lucky for me, I have the time this morning to actually post it. Yeah, we’re not always so timely around here. And by “we” I pretty much mean me.

Saturday of the 9th Annual Whiskey Off-Road event weekend brought blue skies and rewarding endeavors on the trail as over 1,400 amateur riders took to the Prescott National Forest to conquer the route. Watch the video for information on top finishers, great live music on Prescott’s Courthouse square, celebrating on Whiskey Row and quality imagery of the day.

– A full day of live music under sunny skies, headlined by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
– Repeat performances carrying over from the 2011 Whiskey Off-Road by Tiziana Dehorni in the Junior Female 25 Proof and Kenny Wehn of Stan’s Notubes in the Mens Open 50 Proof
– A stellar effort was put forth in both the mens and women’s 50 proof single speed categories with the top ten of each distance qualifying for Sunday’s raffle to determine which male and female of the top ten single speed finishers will win round-trip airfare to South Africa for the single speed world championships. More information here: http://www.epicrides.com/index.php?contentCat=6&contentId=26.

Complete amateur results:

Stay tuned for day #3’s update this evening with the battle royale of American Mountain Biking commencing at 8:30a on Whiskey Row. With $30,000 on the line ($5,000 to first place male and female), it’s sure to be a well contended race.

(The press release was slightly edited.)

Photo credit: Bennett Barthelemy/Epic Rides
Photo credit: Bennett Barthelemy/Epic Rides
Photo credit: Bennett Barthelemy/Epic Rides
Photo credit: Bennett Barthelemy/Epic Rides
Photo credit: Bennett Barthelemy/Epic Rides
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8 Replies to “Whiskey for breakfast, Whiskey for lunch”

  1. Amazing weekend… A little blurry, but amazing none-the-less. I still can’t feel my face.

  2. I’m cooking supper at the moment. And working on my fifth or sixth whiskey of the day.

    And I rode two different bikes on two different (errand, commuter-ish) rides today.

    But I wouldn’t race if you held a gun to my head.

  3. I rode in the Mass ride Fri. Night, did a metric charity road event on Sat. With cycle commuting that puts me at 170 for he week. I a little cooked from the post ride brews yesterday so I guess I’ll call it good for the week.

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  5. Damn. Wish I was there. I did on-bike roving mechanical support for the Project Rwanda 50 mile ride this Saturday instead. I had a blast. Not nearly as much as you all did but it was still awesome. Good riding weekend for all.

  6. …virgil mutha fuckin rufus…i don’t even ‘like’ tom ‘pious’ ritchey but i know he’s doing a good thing with ‘project rwanda’, so i’m thinkin’ you just gained bonus points in the heaven of your choice when the time comes…

  7. Thanks bikesgonewild, actually if it wash’t for the guys at Adrenaline talking my fat, smoking, out of shape ass into doing this and getting me a mountain bike to ride I would of been home watching sports or out on the local trail on my cx bike suffering. They get the bonus points not me.