Bo Bikes Bama

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Remember Bo Jackson? Won a Heisman Trophy & then was named an All-Star in both Professional Baseball and Professional Football. Yeah, Bo knows.

“The reason for this ride is for state unity and to pay homage to the great Alabamians who lost their lives on April 27th, 2011. I am my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.
-Bo Jackson, Heisman trophy winner, All-Star athlete and proud Alabamian

On Tuesday, April 24th – Saturday, April 28th, 2012, sports legend Bo Jackson will bike 300 miles through the tornado ravaged communities of Alabama. Bo is riding his bike to raise $1 million for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, which was established to help Alabamians with unmet recovery needs that unfolded in the wake of the deadly tornado outbreak across the state in April 2011.

Check it out:

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14 Replies to “Bo Bikes Bama”

  1. I’m from KC and grew up in the 80’s/90’s, so to speak, and still have big respect for Bo Jackson; not just for his athleticism, but also for his life choices regarding family and privacy. He’s off the radar, and then pops up with this? cheers!

  2. As well as being Physically gifted Bo is an incredibly nice guy. This combination equals “Class Act” which is very hard to find in today’s superstar athletes.

  3. “…bo knows…”…i’d say mr bo jackson was always the exception rather than the rule amongst ‘superstar’ athletes…definitely a class act…

    …here he is once again, being a contributor, a man offering something back, rather than simply living on his laurels…

    …the ‘bo knows’ tv adds were actually really funny…tennis, hockey with gretzky, luge, auto racing, golf, music with bo diddley – the first one where he mangles the guitar & hears “…you don’t know diddley…” & another later one where he’s playing nicely & hears “…bo…you DO know diddley, don’t you ???”

    …the best ones, of course, after showing him at various other sporting endeavors, had bo out on a bike where he looks over at the camera & sez “…now…where’s that little tour de france ???”

    …almost had you believing it…

  4. What the fuck does this have anything to do with the president? Jesus, Joe, you need to head on over to one of them there news sites and get it all out in the comments sections over there. Come here when you’re feeling like loosening up a bit.

  5. bwahahahaha…that is the most pathetically self centered & sad assed attempt to be disruptive that i could conceive of here on drunkcyclist…

    …i’m practically applauding being as i can almost picture the drunken mumbling that proceeded those keystrokes…

    …”…fuckin’ fucks…i’ll show those somabitches mikey n’ d2 & ‘specially that muvverfucker bikesgonewhatever-the-fuck who the fuckin’ boss is…watch me get ’em riled up by talkin’ shit about shit…”…

    …yep…hide the guns…the ‘hard stuff’ is flowing tonight…

  6. Yes. I knew there was a reason Bo Jackson was my favorite baseball player when I was a kid in the 80s. Still got like 50 of his cards at my dad’s house to prove it. Nowadays I like baseball about as much as I like a mouthful of pubes, but Bo will always be the freakin man!

  7. Read Bo’s book . When he roughhoused to the dismay of his mom she discharged a firearm to keep him and his brother in line! Great story a good read .The most amazing athelete ever . Baller ………..

  8. if dude could break a baseball bat over his thigh, just think of how he could fuck up a bottom bracket junction.
    what a poor bike! – destined for a lifetime of torture.

  9. Actually the “suffering” of those bikes (there were 5 of them) was limited to a metric century before they were auctioned off for the charity. now they will seldom if ever see another mile of pavement in their lives. I actually feel a bit sorry for them, but for the exact opposite reason. the greatest invention in the history of mankind, reduced to a wall ornament…