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I miss my office job when I had time to surf the interwebs and blog and Facebook.

I’ve been riding a lot. This last week, I’ve put 200+ miles on my legs and that includes two full rest days. I have 6 weeks till Mohican, and feel like I am right on schedule. I don’t feel half the pressure I did last year. The 100k, or the “junior race”, as Dirty Biker likes to call it, is still brutal, but at least I know what to expect.

My DC reader friend, Russell from PA, was in town over Easter weekend and we hooked up for a couple of trail rides. We talked a lot about training for an endurance MTB race. His advice was to build my endurance up on the road, and practice skill on the trail. Now, Russell doesn’t even own a road bike, but in Ohio, you just have to ride road some days. Trails aren’t always open, like last weekend when we got a couple of inches of rain on Saturday. So I hit the road for 70 miles on Sunday.

Another factor is the car issue. I have to work around Dominic’s schedule to use his car to get to the trails I like to ride. Today he had to use the car to get to work, so I rode my 9’er to Devou, about 7 miles each way. I really don’t like riding that bike on the road but fuck it – I wanted to ride dirt.

Ya gotta love inner city trails

In other news….

I am now a board member at the MoBo bike co-op. My heart is still with the Kid’s Day program but for the next couple of months, I am filling in for a guy who moved out of town. Elections are held in June so, we’ll see what happens between now and then. Since I have zero plans of turning a wrench, I just don’t know how it will turn out.

The co-op’s annual bike sale was last weekend. Dominic bought us a tandem. He is re-doing the entire bike. Imagine: BMX bars – mine will be black with a red stem, his will be red with a black stem. Red balloon tires. Matching seat covers. Canti brakes. Frame will be painted black with LOPRESTI EXPRESS across the front down tube. I am stoked to get this thing on the road!

Guess who is riding bitch?

Speaking of Dominic…

He’s been wrenching for an old friend of mine who owns a tattoo shop. In exchange, we are getting some free ink. Yesterday was Dominic’s first session. He got a couple of homemade tattoos covered up, including some other girls’ initials that were on his upper thigh area, very close to his crotch.

I am so glad I don’t have to look at the initials KN anymore, while doing the deed. Next week, we go back for more ink, our wedding tattoos. I can’t believe I am getting new ink after having 7 tattoos laser’ed off but fuck it, I married the guy.

Good luck to everyone racing at The Whiskey. I am bummed to miss out on the party, but we decided to stash our money away for Interbike. We just got the OK from our shop for industry passes, and I am searching for flights, hope to have them booked in the next two weeks.

I’ll leave you with this, my favorite song from Rattus Norvegicus. Turn it up real loud.

The Stranglers
Princess of the Streets

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10 Replies to “NO TIME!”

  1. Rain is pouring here in wisco and the trails have been sweet,,roads are a must but get old I will take dirt any day.. I miss Flagtown,, and try to dream of how to get back.. But the mideast is not the worst place.. Keep the wheels moving and a PMA>>> Dirt gets it Dirty <<<

  2. Who’da thunkity thunk it? Building endurance for an endurance race…

    Just fuckin’ with ya, Judi. Good on ya – I’m having a similar week. Feels good to get on the bike and just pedalpedalpedal.

  3. Judi…you are in the 100k? I’m getting nervous about the 100m…been using the fatbike as a training tool since its 10 lbs heavier than the bike I plan on racing. Gonna try and knock out an offroad century this Sunday…

  4. @sfb – yes, you should be nervous. and if i were you, i’d train on the bike you are going to use for the race.

  5. Looks like Judi hit Devou. How are the trails there? I did one trail building session a while back but haven’t ridden them.

  6. Oh I’ll be doing both…fatbike Fridays have been my way of having some fun with the training. Sunday’s hundo will be on the Voodoo.