Return of the Flying Scotsman

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This one in from our man Art, the AZ Cutter. Yes, he rode to glory in the Little 5 (See Breaking Away (1979),;

Return of the Flying Scotsman

Remember this guy?  He was not your average pro roadie even when he was winning world pursuit championships and breaking Moser’s hour record!  Graeme Obree always seemed to do it his way, whether it was building his own bike and/or even inventing new TT positions (i.e. the Superman).

Now at 46 he has recently announced that he is going to attempt the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) land speed record (81mph) in the U.S. and without the help of Pat Mcquaid (i.e. the UCI).

Link to vid:!/6131/return-of-the-flying-scotsman-inside-graeme-obree/. (If click through takes you to the main past of, cut & paste url into address bar.)

You have to love someone that can piss the UCI off just by being inventive and fast, and opt’s out of riding the prologue of the Tour “because it is apparent I’ll have to take drugs” (see website).  This guy has always been a class act and one of the good guys who rode and apparently still rides for the right reason(s).  I think it may be worth sending a DC correspondent to the salt flats or wherever to “assist with” the record attempt.



The world is a better place because men like Graeme Obree are in it.

More on Obree here:

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20 Replies to “Return of the Flying Scotsman”

  1. Freaking awesome outlook on life. Hope he smashes the record. And making the bike out of recycled parts? Baller.

  2. As much as I respect the man, I think he’s making a mistake by convincing himself that the HPV crowd is conservative. A lot of those guys are the rare balance between brilliant and batshit crazy, and the ones with prone bikes have been getting blown away in competition for decades. The power output just isn’t there. Besides, Whittingham was probably happy to be going feet first when he stuffed it at 80+ at Battle Mt a few years back.

  3. on a broader note, are those speed records still set one-way? Or do they have to make two passes through the trap?

  4. @art— thanks, man.

    I think recumbent speed record bikes are exceedingly cool, but a lot of speed record aficionados (rightfully enough) criticize this aspect of the cycling game. A 6 KPH tailwind makes you faster. Riding downhill makes you faster. Riding at altitude might, maybe sorta, make you faster. Can’t wait to see how this story develops…

  5. Wait, a periscope?? My testes retract involuntarily. I retract my previous, favorable comments. These guys are batshit crazy.