So I had this idea…

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I was sitting at work the other day trying to think of some fun stuff to do that would have a lower impact on my body. I have been beating myself up pretty good lately and needed to take it easy for at least one weekend. That is a lot harder for me than one would think. I get bored easily and all I can think about lately is bikepacking. Then it hit me!

I inherited a kayak a few years ago, and although most my friends have used it, I have never actually sat in the thing. What could be more low impact than paddling across a lake to do some camping?! This big orange boat is even big enough to strap my bike to. And just like that, I had a plan. 

Two days later, I find myself scouting the shores of Lake Powell looking for slickrock to roll. There is a lifetime of lines out there and I spent a day exploring as many as I could. I made camp on the sandy banks and spent a warm night under a huge, clear sky. I wasn’t very far off the beaten path and I still had phone service so I sent a picture out to the DC crew. Mostly to make them jealous, but also just to let somebody know where I was. Right when I was about to fall asleep, I get a text from Big Jonny:

BJ: I don’t know where you are but it looks pretty awesome

DB: Right now I am in my sleeping bag on an island in Lake Powell. Paddled my kayak out here with my fatbike strapped to it

BJ: you alone or do you have a lady with you?

DB: I’m flying solo. Just me, some Brass Monkey and a sixer of Bud heavy

BJ: You are a hard man

DB: Shit. I’m as soft as the Pillsbury Dough Boy

BJ: HA! You are like the Mark Cavendish of adventure touring!

That gave me a good laugh. With friends like that…

Paddling out across the lake the next morning, I saw a buoy directing me to Antelope Canyon. Now I have done the “hike” from above, complete with the exorbitant entry fee, and it was OK. But something about sneaking around the back way for free was really appealing. Curiosity got the best of me and I paddled up the canyon until it narrowed and came to a stop on a sandy beach. I got out of the boat to sip a lunch beer and have a walk around. The canyon kept going for a while and had a flat (ish) sandy bottom. Logically, I unloaded the bike and pedaled up canyon for probably about an hour. There were a few sections I had to get off and push, but most of it was ride-able. I finally turned around when I reached a giant boulder chocked into the canyon blocking my way. Almost out of water, and really hungry, I decided this was a good spot to turn around and head back to the boat. It was much easier rolling back since it was slightly downhill and I already laid down one set of tracks. At certain points the canyon would narrow so much that my handlebars couldn’t even fit through. It was an amazing experience

For the first time ever, I made a video of one of my trips. I have never made a video of any kind before so be gentle. It was actually pretty fun to do and hope to make more if you guys dig it…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

39 Replies to “So I had this idea…”

  1. …dirty, dirty, dirty…fucking WOW…all of it…just fucking WOW !!!…

    …with a beautiful & appropriate ending…

  2. I guess wIth an adventure like that brewing I can forgive the fact you are leaving the “other fat bike” dangling like a carrot in front of me all week. I still feel as though I set you up with the girl I wanna sleep with…

    Can’t wait to see the Dirty things you do to her.

  3. Holy Shit Goddam! Fuckin Sick Shit!
    Sick as Fuck!
    You tore that shit a new asshole across its face!

  4. You are my hero! Hayduke called. He got the explosive shipment in…he said get to work!

  5. You dirty drunk cycling dog!

    Great vid!

    I especially liked the part when you pulled the bear outa the lake.

    Keep livin while the rest of us SOB’s keep dreamin.

  6. When I grow up I want to be just like you*.

    *Minus the Deliverance music**.

    **And drinking real beer***.

    ***That aside; pretty fucking cool.

  7. Wow, bro. Just wow. Color me jealous. That was baller. I had to hit pause around the three minute mark as my three year old asked for my assistance in putting on her Ariel dress. That and I was nearly certain I was on drugs watching you roll through that slot canyon. Good times.

  8. Holy crap, what a cool deal. I loves me some slot canyon (see: San Rafael Swell UT) but I’ve tried to ride through one. And Townes is THE MAN. Check out Steve Earle’s tribute album, sheer genius. Rock on, brother.

  9. Very sweet. You have unwittingly just upped the ante on my bike packing trips planned. Great thinking on bike/kayak combo. May open a world of new places to ride. Good on ya’ and thanks for sharing

  10. dude, unreal. Let me know if you want to do a trip non-solo next time ( The video is f’n killer. The music…. can you say Squeal Like a pig ( And… just think, if you left the helmet at home – you’d have that much VOLUME for more booze. Then again – no helmet cam without a helmet. (I get it.)

  11. Breaking the silence
    Of an ancient pond,
    A frog jumped into water —
    A deep resonance.

  12. First off, AWESOME! The story, and the video. I have friends who feel compelled to post videos of every stinkin ride they do. I can’t hardly stand watchin them, o.k. I don’t watch em. Especially the night ride videos, oh brother!
    That video was great. Your adventures are always an inspiration, i would say, you are BONAFIDE. Yep the real deal. Keep doing it and i hope your lust for adventure keeps rubbing off on us. Ha ha i just said lust and rubbing off in the same sentence!

  13. That was one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing.

    On a side note, hows about some sticker packs for us offshore types? Happy to pay postage.

  14. …i used to totally dig big gay randy’s picture posts of his adventures but then he got all douche-y with attitude regarding a bike race & stopped being the ‘go to’ adventure guy by trying to make it an exclusive club…

    …you, dirty, picked up the mantle a while ago but this vid just took it to a whole new level…

    …you wanted to share your adventure with the troops & i think all these comments say one thing…you hit pay dirt, maybe beyond your own expectations…

  15. This actually made my heart hurt. I want to be there so badly. My fatbike ride today will be through the suburbs of Chicago, poking in and out of local “forest preserves”. The scenery will not be very impressive.

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  17. Sick! Good on you dirty, thats some sweet video. And a great soundtrack, Townes has pulled me though that area a few times.

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  19. Very nice video. Keep on makin’ em and I’ll keep watchin’ em.

    Nice paddling too, from a long time kayaker. Sure looked like a good time.

    Steve Z

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  21. Alright Dirty; you’ve had some pretty fucking bad ideas in your day. This was not one of them.