Long Live the Lion King

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Few in the pro peloton have ever come close to the amount of swagger that Mario Cipollini had and I doubt anybody ever will. He has a list of wins as long as my arm including one of them there rainbow jerseys. To me, the best thing about super Mario was that he did and said whatever the hell he wanted with no remorse.  From the amazing kits which he gladly accepted thousands of dollars in fines for. To deciding he didn’t want to do the climbing stages in the grand tours and would drop out  in perfect health before they hit the mountains. Nothing seems to have changed now that he is retired. As witnessed by his  opinions on Mark Cavendish’s self control (and King Kelly agrees) and the talk of a potential comeback at age 45.

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The other day, I stumbled upon the Italian Cycling Journal blog and it appears to me that our man Mario is still winning. Seriously? A Cipollini sponsored team of female hotties? Damn. Go on, brush your shoulders off.


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still winning

I think it would be fantastic if he came back and raced the Giro this year. The peloton needs a little infusion of style these days. Long live the Lion King!

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24 Replies to “Long Live the Lion King”

  1. “…now, this a-exercise, it a-makes the butt-toks extra firm…sylvia here, she can a-crush the walnut between her a-cheeks, si ???…attsa some a-nice muscle right a-there…i’m a-like sylvia’s butt-tok a-muscles…”

    …i’d apologize to anyone of italian heritage but don novello, father guido sarducci is a friend of mine & he does this shit all the time…

  2. So much awesome. Too bad there are so few colorful characters remaining in the pro ranks.

  3. Go over to Handlebar Mustache and pick up a Cipo for President t-shirt.

    He really should be in charge of the UCI…

  4. Cipo is a boss. He would best Cavendish by three wheels every time if he was still in his prime.

  5. Fuckin badass. All of it. And db? You are first leftenant. Of the highest order.

  6. Forza big guy. Better to go out blustering than to slouch away. I for one will never forget Super Mario and his leadout train kicking ass all those years. I hope he sells a bunch of bikes.

  7. I love Cipo!

    He pulled off what others could only dream of. I hope he is in the Peloton when he’s 60. These guys today are BORING!

  8. In that last photo…Is he ‘Balls Deep’ in the tail-end of that peleton ?

  9. Started watching cycling in ’95 and it was Cipo that made me realize what a superstar cyclist looks and acts like!

  10. …as cipollini’s wife sez – “oh, you mean my husband mario, the lyin’ king ???”

  11. Dude could pretty much put his name on anything & I’d buy it.

    If there was a line of Mario Cipollini hair care products, I’d be down. Coffee machine? Done. Socket wrench? Done. Snow tires? Done. Soup ladle? Done.

    Fucking dude owns shit. Fuck Cancer Jesus.

  12. Cipollini snow tires would only fit a Ferrari 458, and I’d still pick up a set.