Spokane has the Double Down Hoe down coming up quick like…

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We have a pretty rad DH race coming up two weekends from now. What we have here is a event called the “Double Down Hoe Down”. It’s March 23-25- Which is 3 days of practice, 2 days of racing (hopefully with a dirt jump jam on Saturday), entry is $25 per day of racing with a usa cycling license required (day licenses available at race), and more details/registration is online at All Gravity Series .

I have covered the event the last two years and would have to say its one of the better races I have covered in my time- thats no joke. Here are some shots show off the terrain and riding going on…

that kind of big don't you think?
great lines on the course
one cool rock feature after another
last year was super green, hopefully we'll see the same this year
Joe Perrizo on the DJ line. This next race you'll see a much cool line to the right of these jumps.


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  1. AZ Daily Sun had a good crime report today: Cop stops suspicious Douche bag walking down street pushing 2 bikes. Turns out Surly long haul had removed serial #’s & other bike came up reported as stolen. Guy claims “Some hippy sold it to me for $50”, story didn’t stick & cops popped him. Original owner of 2nd bike unavailable but police left voice message. Would love to see the reaction of playing that message back…warmed my soul.