Lil Cave sent this to me…

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My lil bro sent me a video this weekend. I would have to say this is “video game tricking”. I have watched this a few times and I really have a hard time digesting all of it; not because it sucks, it’s just unreal…

lets just resinate with progression at the end of our Monday…

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17 Replies to “Lil Cave sent this to me…”

  1. I just white mocha’d my shorts. That was to use the correct vernacular “SICK”. No really I have watched it three times now and I’m blown away by the first 15′ wall drop into a turndown and that last huge gap.

  2. me: honey check this out
    wife: oh come on, another bike movie..
    me: just watch it
    wife at 3:10 in video: WHAT! is that even possible?

  3. Holy isht! that was siiiiiiiiiick.
    Although it depresses me somewhat that teenagers are better bike riders than I will ever be.

  4. That shit, as they say in the parlance of our times, is off da hook. Insanely bad ass.

  5. …float like a butterfly,
    ride like the breeze,
    the youth of the day
    are kickin’ with ease…

    …a flick of the bars,
    a twist of the bike,
    you’ve got the style,
    you’ve got the ‘psych’

    …you’re floatin’ through space
    & pinning the drops,
    you guys deserve it,
    i’m giving mad ‘props’

    …well, that riding just musta been like poetry to my brain…that’s why…

  6. Definitely not the only one Derp. The Kweli remix track is so dope for one. The group b-boy format is so unbelievable. Much better than one on one battles.

  7. Why settle for doing one trick at a time? When you are in the air that long, you tend to get bored with just ONE trick…

  8. We don’t have an indoor park in Phoenix, do we? Sure would be nice in the summer. I wonder what the A/C bill would be.

  9. That was risickulous. I think you’re right on there caveman with the video-game influence; It’s like a CAD program for tricks, skateboard and BMX.

  10. @nate- I could only imagine a kid hold a video game controller realizing he doesn’t have the motor skills to compete. Kind of blows your mind a kids fingers don’t move as fast as real physical act of tricking it.