Smiles for miles

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I feel into a nice little group ride via my man zMud. These guys are all into road bikes and get out there and enjoy them every once in a while. Sounds about right, eh?

This is the re-group out by Seven Springs on Saturday:

Photo by J. Spann

Yes. I actually got out and rode a bike. Twice. Over two consecutive days. I think I put more miles in over the weekend than I have since sometime in early December or late November.

I have to work in that.

Did I mention that was neither the tallest nor the heaviest rider out there? Which, really, is an oddity. At 6′ 4″ and 190 lbs (yes, I’ve kept trim this winter), I am well used to being the big man on campus.

It is very good to sit here with legs that feel like they did something. Get out there, folks. You won’t regret it.

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About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

25 Replies to “Smiles for miles”

  1. 6? 4? and 190 lbs ??

    Really ??

    You’re not a fat fuck anymore ??

    I’m very disappointed.

    From this day on you will be called LJ.

  2. no shit… being 6-4 myself i always judge my fitness based on BJ’s post. 190 is my zen weight and i thought at this time of the year i was good at 2 dub-la oh and logging 70 mile rides. this means only one thing. ol’ BJ ain’t been hittin’ the bottle like he says.

  3. get your ass in gear. show me a picture rollin’ or a sweet ass frame. If I wanted to see a bunch of tweeners in lycra I’d dive inta da city. Grab some sack and find a mtn to climb, godmambit!

  4. Big Johnny is a mere waif at 6’4″ and 190. I managed to nip him by 1″ and 40lbs this weekend. And you’ll never convince me he hasn’t been riding the way he handled those climbs.

  5. you are kinna thin, i think you have a speedy metabolism. and the legs, they don’t forget how to pedal, no matter how long you are off the bike. good on ya BJ, glad to see you back.

  6. Well, I may be 6’2″ and 220 lbs. but I bet I could drink myself under the table faster than you.

  7. 6′ 2”. 210#. Drink? It’s like I gots an extra tank. Bike? Let me break it down for ya:

    1-I’m outside.
    2-I’m on a bike.
    3-The faster I ride, the sooner I’m outside and off my bike.

    So what’s the big hurry?

  8. …ya know, joe, i never wanna hear ‘word one’ about politics out a’ you for the rest of my fucking life but (despite the small mistake) the above statement is cool enough that it’s gonna be plagiarized (read: stolen) & used by me for the rest of my days…

    “1 – I’m outside.
    …2 – I’m on a bike.
    …3 – The faster I ride, the sooner I’m inside and off my bike.

    …So what’s the big hurry ???”

    …awesome !!!…

  9. wow holy shit is there love in the air? joe gettin some love from bgw? now i know i’ve been on this site long enough when i understand the gravity of that. and you know what else? i know i’ve been on this fucking site long enough to know that it is rare indeed when i agree w/ joe….

    color me crazy.

  10. …marty – maybe i’m gettin’ soft after all those ‘bro-hugs’ i got at the handbuilt show…i was sorta fine with all my old industry pals but sheesh, when a couple of the ‘form bikes’ guys gave me ‘bro-hugs’, well, don’t tell dirty b but lets just say i felt like i hadda shower & quickly…

    …bwahahaaa…‘form’ guys were all as awesome as it gets…

    …but thank jeebus i got some delightful ‘chick-hugs’ from the lovely & beautiful (all of ’em) sarah, jen, rona & lynette to balance it all out…

  11. bgw is a dog. sarah, jen, rona & lynette all agree.

    I’m 6′ and 245 so everyone needs to shut up about what a fat fuck I am.

    And despite how great this post was…

    “1-I’m outside.
    2-I’m on a bike.
    3-The faster I ride, the sooner I’m outside and off my bike.”

    Joe is, and will always be, an asshole.

  12. …know what, triple t ???…

    …i’m neither insulted NOR laughing at your little blah, blah, blah involving me but on occasion it might behoove the fuck out of you to just ‘shut the fuck up’

    …simply a suggestion, amigo but i’ll tell ya this – joe can be an asshole & i can definitely be an asshole but despite the good & fun qualities you do possess, you seem to delight in proving you have ‘anal – cranial inversion’ time & time again…

    …you get called out, seem to understand, get remorseful, then turn around & do it again & again…

    …when it happens over n’ over, it’s called a pattern, bro…got it ???…

    …i’ll leave you with that but what’s your point ???…

    …just sayin’, triple t, just fucking sayin’…

  13. @bgw

    Point taken under advisement.

    I thought I was just have a good time whilst defending my self at times.

    The comment on the ladies at your convention was honestly a joke.

    I think you are a brilliant and thoughtful man. If we met you’d most likely think I was an asshole. Which I am.

    But I don’t like that you think that.

    Again. It was a joke.

  14. …bud, i’m not offended by your ‘joke’ for one REAL reason…while all those women are beautiful (honestly) & have their place one way or another within the sport & industry of cycling (honestly), the bottom line is that i know where i stand as a friend with each & every one of them…

    …only my own insecurity could affect that, not anyone’s joke…

    …thank you for your kind assessment of qualities you’d like to see in me & that i hope i live up to…

    …& i’ll tell you this…if you think you can see those qualities in me then you have the capacity to see beyond your ‘asshole-ism’ which we all possess – i admitted as much about myself, then you have the capacity to build on the good qualities you do possess…

    …so, no, i doubt if we met that i’d think you were an asshole unless that’s honestly what you wanted me to think…& i just might be smart enough to see past that anyway…

    …just sayin’…

  15. It’s called “Drunk Cyclist”, for the love of Mabel. If you can’t be an asshole here, then where? But you don’t need to make a career oot of it, eh. Just sayin’.

    Now I’m goin’ OUTSIDE to ride my bike. When I’m done (hopefully not for a longlong while) I’ll come back INSIDE. Hope this clears things up.

    Jeeze, everyone should try posting with three cats chasing across the desk.

  16. Who woulda thought a post about Jonny actually riding instead of studying could generate negative comments?

    Jonny is a baller, as far as I can tell from riding with him the past couple years.

    Y’all need to ride more.

  17. I saw the photo, immediately saw some big boys and thought “I feel at home!” Re-group is mandatory at the top of the hill if my goat buddies want to be pulled home with power and speed :) 6’1 230 and fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. Might be only 205 if the Sierra Nevada didn’t go down so smooth.