2012 Strade Bianche

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The commentary is nearly intolerable in this recap. But, the racing is top notch.

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Last K

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Big, grany vids below. First, Strade Bianche 2012 part 1. win cancellara.

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Strade Bianche part2 2012. win cancellara

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Of course, all of this merely serves to whet my appetite, rather than appease it. That will come in April. Until then, I’ll just sit here and drool.

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5 Replies to “2012 Strade Bianche”

  1. Do those Universal douches even watch cycling? It was like opposite day. Everything they said, the opposite happened…

    What’s the bet that some assistant DS at Quickstep has been given the task of formulating a plan to mark Fabian @ Flanders and Roubaix?

  2. I agree with you Jonny. Great race. Terrible commentary. Side note. I love, love, love cheering for Cancellera, but I find it nearly impossible to root for anyone wearing that jersey. So, all my good juju (aka drunken yodeling) is going to go out to Boonen and Gilbert this year.

  3. It was on via Steephill.tv, Sean Kelly on Eurosport was calling the action…even though he a bit dry, its much better. Paris-Nice is on too…but you have to get up early out here in UT…7am MST is when the feed starts.

    Cancellera did what he seems to do best…push the shiny red button with 10 km to go…he gets a 50 m gap and you never see the guy again. fucking awesome.