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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

62 Replies to “This is What Friday Night Looks Like In D2’s Casa…Sadly.”

  1. Sadly ???

    Join the fucking club man.

    Except for the Yankees jar.

    The Yankees suck balls.

  2. Actually they bought their way to all those championships.

    Pro Baseball is fucked from the word go.

    But then again, so am I.

  3. …less is more…i’m more (or less) impressed with the 24 stanley cup championships won by ‘les habs’, the famed ‘montreal canadiens’

    …much tougher game, ya ???…but you know that, you’re a fucking goalie…

  4. Yea, ye, yea.

    I went to a fight once and a hockey game broke out.

    Pissed me off.

  5. I only got in one goalie fight when I played hockey. It was exhausting. Talk about two monkeys humping a football…

  6. “Talk about two monkeys humping a football…”

    Oh snap !!!!

    I am sooooooooo going to use that.

  7. It’s probably best you don’t give me credit, since I stole it from the movie “Miracle.” Good movie. A bit Disneyish, but otherwise not bad.

  8. It would be easier to muster up some sympathy if you were drinking some really shitty whiskey ;-)

  9. The Connemara was a gift from a friend from Flagstaff. He has fine taste, and I am glad to take advantage of that fine taste!

  10. I’m still amazed at the Yankees mug.

    The Yankees make me wanna yack.

    O’course, they make the Mets look like pufters, so they ain’t all bad.

  11. I’m a die-hard Yanks fan. Been one all my life. Passed on from my grandfather, who was a huge fan of DiMaggio. Old school Yanks.

  12. I played Little League BB as a kid but I was mostly a HUGE football fan.

    Played in High Skool. Was an O guard mostly. Specialized in a crackback.

    Back in the day I could watch any game that didn’t include the pansy ass Cowboys.

    Then I lost interest some point in my 30’s.

    Now I would rather watch a Pro Tour race. Drugged or not.

    Not sure if that’s growing up or getting queer but that’s where I’m at.

  13. “Steeler Nation for life.” ????

    OK. Now I know you have serious mental problems joe.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are more fucked in the head than I am.

    And that’s saying a lot.

  14. Six Superbowl victories, prick. What’s your team got?

    Now fuck off. We grownups are talking.

  15. The NJ Giants have 4 Superbowl victories.

    And they got them without being the total douche-bags the Steelers are.

    Talk away grownup.

    No one’s listening.

  16. r2d2… weak ass shit again. and the yankees suck. i always had you pegged as a red sox cunt. please do dcdotcom a favor and cease and desist!

  17. @Hedy Lamarr ????

    Blazing Saddles was the best. But you’re a fucking tard.

    And granted the Yankers suck but D2 is far removed from a cunt and doesn’t need to go any where but DC.

    You need to reevaluate your life you peckerhead.

  18. TripleT: can’t argue there. It pains me to say it, though.

    No one had ever heard of East Rutherford until the Giants started playing there.

  19. Joisy Boy that I am gets that.

    East Rud is a nightmare of Giants Stadium, shopping malls, traffic and bullshit.

    Mostly bullshit.

  20. Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, Phils. Nothing else matters. NY teams can suck it. Western PA teams can suck it too.

    I blame Billy Penn for everything. Fat Quaker Bastard.

  21. NY teams are born to suck it.

    Something genetic.

    And Billy Penn was born a fat fuck.

    BJ signed up with the wrong ship.

    Just saying…

  22. It’s all about the NFC East. Best division in pro football. Hands down. The ‘Skins haven’t been much these last few years, but Mike Shanahan knows how to win. They’ll be a good team again soon. The Giants are winners. Cowboys always good. And then you have my Eagles with the Dog Killer at the helm. Sigh. At least it isn’t a rapist like they have out in Pittsburgh. If I had to pick, I think I’d go dog killer over rapist. So, I’ve got that going for me. I feel like sticking my head in a gas oven…

  23. Things I like about this post
    A. Whiskey
    B. The Yankees (been a fan since 1979 when my dad gave me a pack of baseball cards and said “open it, the first team you see is now your team for life”. It was a Yankees player and I have followed them ever since. We were from a Podunk town called Grants New Mexico no pro teams.)
    C. Someone referenced Blazing Saddles

    Things I don’t like;
    A) No one mentioned that my Bears are the best team ever even if they have only won once
    B) No one mentioned that the greatest hockey team ever is the Blackhawks.
    C) No one said shit about how American Pro-sports can all suck it because they are no where near as vocal about doping charges and allegations as pro-cycling for all of it’s fucked-up ness!

    That is all.

  24. A) Whiskey sucks. Beer or go home.

    B) The Yankees suck.

    C) Blazing Saddles is one of the best movies ever made. I’ve seen it like a thousand times.

    A) The Bears suck,

    B) Hockey sucks.

    C) Amen brother. Amen.

  25. A: Beer is for middle schoolers looking for a buzz. Grow a pair and someday you will understand.

    B: Yankees, shmankees. Baseball is about as much fun to sit through as a root canal. GO STEELERS!!!! Or go, well, you know…

    C: Blazing Saddles? Really? You and I both know the only reason you like that so-called movie is for the frequent and gratuitous use of the “N” word*. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    *Yes, that one.

  26. Ahhhh joe.

    You are such a tard.

    The word nigger is acceptable to me. As is poor white trash or hillbillies or what ever word is used to describe the maggots every race has. Chris Rock said it best.

    I grew up in a mixed neighborhood. My first love was a black girl. Dia Johnson. Dumb a dog shit but built like a brick shit house.

    Fuck you and fuck your Steelers.

  27. Deny all you want. We know better. And “tard” is equally inappropriate. What are you anyway? Rush Limbaugh or something?

  28. Sticks and stones
    May break my bones
    But words will never hurt me.

    Grow the fuck up asshole.

    You don’t strike me as a PC bullshit artist so why pretend ??

    And Rush is an even bigger asshole than you are.

  29. A) Blazing Saddles is one of the best comedies ever. (As is Young Frankenstein, which came out in the same year. That was a good year for Mel Brooks.) Richard Pryor wrote most of Sheriff Bart’s character. They wanted him to play the part, but he had other commitments.

    B) Whiskey AND beer are both great.

    C) Baseball is fun to watch after a six-pack, but hasn’t been really worth watching since the late 80’s, when steroids took off. Fuck the Yankees. They bought all of their championships. Reggie was on the A’s before and longer (and played his best years there) than he was on the Yankees.

    D) Hockey is fun to watch after the first fight breaks out.

    E) However, cycling and soccer are the best sports in the world.

    F) There are three things I care about in US sports: 1. that the Cowboys lose 2. that the Yankees lose, and 3. that the Lakers lose. If those three things happen in a give year, I am happy. Those three teams fill me with the white hot hatred of a thousand suns.

    G) Breaking your wrist at the beginning of prime riding season SUCKS.

  30. A)-Good but not great. “The Producers” was the best from Mel Brooks.

    B)-You got that stone cold.

    C)-Fuck MLB in general. I’d much rather watch smalltown A or AA Baseball. Which kinda sucks because we’re probably gonna lose our local team. Seems they want a brand new gold-plated sports palace, and guess what? They want it to be built at taxpayer’s expense. The money just ain’t there.

    D)-Canadian golf? Don’t know much aboot it, eh.

    E)-Cycling is great if I’m doing it. If I’m watching it I get alittle sad because I’m not riding. Soccer? When I went to high school we called it girls’ football.

    F)-1. I could care about NFC. In the AFC it’s the Steelers and whoever’s playing the God damned fucking Ravens. I hate them with a passion that can not be quantified by words or numbers known to man. 2. See “C”. Si? 3. Roundball? Can’t watch it. Too many bad memories. But I’m feeling much better.

    G)-Not unlike tearing a hamstring during a record mild winter, I’ll venture. Heal quickly.

  31. …favorite SPORT – cycling…

    …favorite GAME – hockey…

    …fun STUFF i can enjoy – football, baseball, soccer, car racing (shut the fuck up – jeez – i grew up going to the races, okay ???), even tiger & the irish kid whacking a little white ball all over expensive real estate on the tube…

    …played the game all through my youth with guys good enough to go on to the pros (i wasn’t THAT good) & still go to a few live games (sharks – long ass drive but hey, i’m a fan)…you want hockey fights, go to an echl game (east coast hockey league – all over america including alaska – don’t ask – i didn’t name the league)…we’ll have a sf echl team (the bulls) next season…

    …done the two wheeled activity & sport as a snotnosed youth & all through adulthood (even as a stoner hippie i had some kinda bike)…mostly love to DO it but still love to watch it whether it’s a buncha amateurs (many who happen to be friends) doin’ a sunday cross race, a buncha pros live on local roads or up on the screen or simply a pretty girl pedaling by on her townie in the warm summer breeze…

  32. …ohhh ya – ‘spinal tap’…what can i say, i used to live in a fucking music studio, in a major musical area…

    …i thought it was a documentary…

  33. The only car racing that is cool is midget.

    I love the way they slide thru the curves.

    Young Frankenstein was spectacular.

    The Producers sucked.

    Explains why joe likes it.

  34. The remake of The Producers sucked. The original was awesome. The fact it was even released in the time before the MPAA, when it really was a priest, a rabbi, and someone from the PTA deciding if a movie was o.k., is nothing short of amazing.

  35. I wish I could go to 11.

    At this point my best is maybe a 3 or 4.


    Nice pic eh ??

    4 bike kills.


    And…”The remake of The Producers sucked” ??

    Hmmmm. Don’t think I saw the original.

    I’ll have to check it out but it would really suck if I had to apologize to joe.

  36. yo t3… you use the term tard way too much. while it is offensive to some, me thinks it simply sums you up. i still remember watching you try changing a flat mid ride. pathetic is a kind understatement.

    and you are not radtarded. simply a pencilneckdickhead.

  37. @Bruce Banner

    Retarded is simply the honest evaluation of people who are in fact retarded. Their brains ain’t up to par.

    Not any insult to them. Just an insult to guys like joe.

    And “pencilneckdickhead” ?? Jebus boy. I’m an alkie. I’ve called myself a thousand times worse just today.

    And I can change a flat. Can’t do anything else on a bike but flats I can handle so fuck off.

  38. Just got me an early season injury, which means I’ll be on the couch for a while. This in turn means I will be turning to these comments sections for much of my entertainment.

    With that in mind, I’m going to have to ask y’all to start saying more entertaining things about topics that are not lame and boring.

    You may commence now.

  39. I’m off the mtb for 6 weeks. Fuck. Road, probably a month, unless I get too stir crazy and get a trainer. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of hiking and trail running, and at least there’s no cast.

  40. …well, deetwo, i’m gonna suggest you shoud go to this site http://nakedgirlsonbicycles.tumblr.com/archive which someone previously posted & do some kinda bicycle ‘research’ so you don’t waste your time & get the wife pissed off…

    …best of luck, bud…i’ll shot you an ‘e’ in a day or two…

  41. I love the argument “Bought Championships”. The point of any sport at that level is to win. Not to come in second or give the old college try. Look at it this way if you are going to Race in F1 you show up with the best driver you can find and pay, with the best car that you can buy, not a fucking Yugo with a fat guy in the driver seat, and hope that the chips fall your way. Yeah sure the Yankees with the salary they have should win way more often, but 27 times is about 25% of all WS’s ever. So the rest of you can keep your ideals about fairness while I keep my ideals of winning.
    Now I know someone is going to bring up doping to compare my argument. Not the same. Doping is like bringing a rocket powered vehicle that can teleport to a F1 race. It’s not staying with in the rules it does not apply.


    and I’m staying away from people like Virgil, with his ideals about winning being separated from your ideals about fairness.

    Can, or should these ideals ever exist in the same place at one time? I submit that they can, but if you’ve got the money honey apparently you can say, “fuck rules and fuck fairness,” right? That’s the world I wanna live in, the one where everything is available for a price. Welcome to fat city.

  43. I remember when this was a cycling, booze, boobs, life, travel, and general cool shit website.

    Oh, wait…it still is.

  44. Keith I phrased that wrong. People have this misconception that a well payed team is cheating somehow. I don’t. I believe it is part of the game. Yeah Steinbrenner was a dick and a douche. I hated the way he did a lot of things. But getting mad at a team because they have the money and market to sign whoever they want is stupid. It would be similar to getting mad at Sky for all the talent they brought in or that Shleck-aggedon team. It doesn’t matter as long as the athletes are clean and that no team is competing one man short or something like that. It all comes down too you set yourself up for the best chance to win and hope that the god of bad-luck and shit storms avoids you and your team like the fucking plague.

    And so this goes back to what is was supposed to be about mmmmmm Whiskey, mmmm boobs, mmmm Whiskey Boobs?

  45. I hear ya Virgil, I didn’t think you were really advocating for total separation of those two values systems, but I had to attach a name and, well, you said it, man.

    I agree with you when it comes to pro sports because at their core they’re businesses. There’s always gonna be problems when two values systems conflict. All pro sports have to reconcile a profit driven business model with the values most often associated with fair play in those sports, and those who aren’t standing at the top of the podium almost always have some negative shit to say about not only the champ but also the structure/rules of the game. This could be sour grapes or it could be a valid point about an unfair system.

    I’m more concerned about preserving honesty and gamesmanship in youth/amateur sports because the participants are not making a living by participating, so if they are cheats or just shitty participants in their sport that means when they go back to work at their job, whatever it may be, they probably have the same shitty values there too.