A Little Something For Your Friday

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While most of us were down in the desert 24 hour racing a couple weeks ago, a few DC affiliates were keeping it real back up here in the city at the Arizona Strong Beer Festival.  These were sent over today simply titled “Chicks dig Phat”

Formenter always makes my day with his Friday posts. So I thought that I would bite his style a little bit with this one. Here we have your typical pictures of bikes and broads at a beer festival (almost like the old days of DC huh?).

 Good job boys. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

15 Replies to “A Little Something For Your Friday”


    Amoral obligatory sexist remark is to follow.

    I want to meet the blond. I want to hold her hand, stroke the back of her neck gently, gaze into her beautiful eyes and say…what part of sit on my face do you NOT understand ??

  2. …well nate can’t have any complaints about this post…

    …yes, there is a bicycle in there…& i think the chick in front deserves a good spanking for all that attitude…

  3. Those honies are Phat! I want to give them every pound of my 6psi of love.

  4. “I want to give them every pound of my 6psi of love.”

    Thanks a lot.

    I just snorted out 1/2 a beer over that.


  5. I’d mukluk the boots for a bit and have the flippyfloppies taste the salsa.

  6. wouldn’t mind my seat post inserted btwn those buns, tho i don’t think she’s blond….

    then again, who gives a shit.

    nate’s not all wrong, but then again, who gives a shit about that either?

  7. @AfricanSingle

    I used to think this place was bi-polar. Then I realized it was me and I was just projecting.

    Gotta love it.

  8. “Fatties Fit Fine.”

    TripleF misses that.

    But TripleT (aka the DC Turtle Gawd) must do what he has to do

    His disciples insist.

    Otherwise they’d just fucking ignore me.