Evel tried helping the bike industry at one time…

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Just got done eating a good helping of bloody mary pasta and now this just came in hot off the email shit press from Dirty sauce himself. This is what Evil promotes when he isn’t balls deep in a bag of coke.

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Shouldn’t have tested out some shine before posting this last night.

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29 Replies to “Evel tried helping the bike industry at one time…”

  1. Evil was a badass.

    He was retarded or a psychopath but he was a badass none the less.

    You need an edit. It’s tried. Not tired.

  2. The message was clear in those days. “Motors are for grownups. Bicycles are for kids. But meanwhile here’s a fake gastank and a shift lever mounted where it’s least useful and most likely to keep you from having kids of your own. We’ll even sell you a fake plastic motor for your bicycle that makes fake ‘vroom vroom’ noises. Meantime, stay off the road. Roads are for cars.”

    Screaming, crying mother of God, I thought those days were behind us. But I’m reminded every day. Every stinkig, fucking, miserable, exhaust fume-choked, fart can muffler-deafened day. And now it’s raining. Pouring down like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Think I’ll go for a ride just the same.

    “Baller”? “Hard man”? Not me. Too old. Too tired. Too busted up. But somehow it don’t hurt so bad when I get on my bicycle and ride.

  3. Evel tried to help sell bicycles for AMF while AMF tried to run Harley Davidson into the ground

  4. Duh.

    I am Wee Todd Did. I an Sofa King Wee Todd Did.

    I correct caveman on a spelling mistake while making one me self.

    Evel was evil.

  5. …ummm, was his name ‘evel kneivel’

    …i believe mr wood is quite right…the one really bad chapter in harley davidson’s history was when amf (american machine & foundry) took over in 1969 ’til 1981…both their manufacturing & business practices were suspect…

    …i’ve never been a harley kinda guy but i’ve got friends that are into the lifestyle & you couldn’t give ’em an amf bike…

    …evel didn’t care ‘cuz they were giving him bikes due to his fame…he was a badass though…he actually jumped harley sportsters, not big suspension dirt bikes…

  6. Unfortunately, i actually owned one of those very shitty bikes while living in Bentonville, AR in 1974. Yes, the 70’s were really that ugly. Evel & Elvis were both jumpsuit wearing no talent shits with a penchant for fucking themselves up to the max. But oh, how we glorified those Jackass Protégés!

  7. bikesgonewild is incorrect about the spelling of “Knievel”
    and Bikeslut is incorrectly using the word “Protégé”

    and in Klammath Falls Oregon the 70s were fucking awesome

  8. Typos are the last arrow in the quiver of the intardwebnettoobs bully. I’d let it go.

  9. …ya & i’ll bet it got spelled wrong on a few police reports ‘back in the day’

  10. Regardless of your typos, this is an appropriate DC post. You can keep that other spew in your other posts. I dig M.I.A and I dig breakdancing, but neither video had a bike, and one exclusively featured cars! So, you got 1 out of 3 of your latest posts right. In the future let’s have a bit more bike and a bit less of the spew. Unless it’s really outtasight cool, which neither of the other vids you posted is, IMO. I’m not trying to be some hipster snob here, but I’ve been trading emails with big jonny and frequenting this sight since daily porn was SOP and before big jonny was either a dad, a law student, or a victim of hit and run. I know DC content when I see it. That is all.

  11. Nate, in the breakdance vid there was a locked up bike next to the cop car.

    ” I’m not trying to be some hipster snob here, but I’ve been trading emails with big jonny and frequenting this sight since daily porn was SOP and before big jonny was either a dad, a law student, or a victim of hit and run. I know DC content when I see it. That is all.” nope, your just a first class annoying wannabe micro manager

  12. …somehow, nate, in that exchange of e-mails with our grand commissioner, i seriously doubt that he appointed you arbitrator of what is or isn’t correct material for drunkcyclist…

    …basically, the policy here seems to be ‘if you don’t like it, don’t whine about, change it if you can…otherwise, shut the fuck up’

    …nate, why the fuck are you whining ???…

  13. …nate…why are you whining ???…

    …either enjoy it or don’t…

    …or contribute something you think will make it more enjoyable or don’t…

    …but either way, STOP fucking WHINING…

  14. …whoops !!!…my second ‘tribute to nate’ was meant to go to another column that he was whining about…

    …but i think ol’ nates’ been covered at this point…

  15. *walks over to jukebox*
    *drops a quarter*

    “…There’s a five dollar fine for whinin’…”

  16. Whenever someone starts a sentence with “I’m not meaning to…” or “I’m not trying to…”, it is invariably followed with a “but I’m going to do the exact thing I just said I’m not trying to do.” Nate, go away. Or get BJ or Gnome to give you frontpager rights. Then contribute. You remind me of the rest of the self appointed arbiters of “bike culture”. In other words, you remind me of a douche.

  17. Jebus.

    This entire post is aboot bitching aboot spelling errors.

    I’m sorry I started it.

    Where’s my beer ??

    Does anyone know where the fuck my beer is ??

    There needs to be a law against losing your beer.

    BJ, work on it.

  18. I’ve reoriented the boyscout’s first rule for not getting lost to apply to not losing your beer. Here it goes: The first rule for not losing your beer is to know where your beer is at all times.