Behind the Scenes at Form Cycles

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I ran into Daryl from Form Cycles at the SSAZ afterparty a few weeks back and we got to talking about his bikes for this year’s NAHBS.  The bikes they brought to the show last year were amazing and I was wondering how they would be able top themselves this year. He hinted that he was working on some stuff that I might be interested in. I’m not one for being teased, so I asked him if I could stop by the shop and see what he was working on. He said yes before I could even finish the sentence.

Form is a full custom shop here in Arizona with a reputation for not only building some great looking bikes but also some of the best riding bikes you have ever seen. With Titanium and stainless steel as their weapons of choice, there really isn’t anything they can’t make for you.

I had a feeling that my photography skills weren’t good enough to do these frames justice so I called in a pro. My friend Michael Scott was more than happy to come along and capture what was going on over at the frame shop. I also called Zenith Clipping for their professional photo retouching services. Being a fellow addict of everything bike, I knew he was the right guy for the job. Here is what we came  up with:

Form Cycles (from R to L) Shawn, Shane, Daryl, and Sam
The “Fatso” Titanium soft tail fatbike. This thing is going to be light!
Thats one soft fat rear end
Some of the soft tail suspension guts
Daryl masking off one of the show bikes for some finish work
Shawn checking out his work in the sunshine

 A hot frame deserves a hot beer. Looking at the front triangle of a KVA stainless steel full suspension 29er. Paired nicely with a Mikkeller Hop Burn High Imperial IPA.

This bike isn’t going to the show, but I think it probably should, and it was too cool not to share. Sam, the resident titanium magician, also welds up BMX race frames under the name Tronix BMX. This is a 1lb 10oz Mini frame with an integrated seat post. Hotness.

 A big thanks to the boys over at Form for letting us come into their shop at crunch time. Best of luck at the show and I can’t wait to see what these beauties look like when they are all built up.

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9 Replies to “Behind the Scenes at Form Cycles”

  1. One of a few of my riding partners, Sara S. outta the VOC rolls one of their steel frames and it is beautiful. I want it. And Thom, outta FLG, has one too. Bike porn if I ever seen it. They put the Pro in Premium bike works. I expect they’re rip some good concepts at the NAHBS.

  2. Rode last spring with Thom and his Form was sweet,,,so sweet that I daydream of one of my own.. Nice lines and these guys have a back ground in metallurgy is that of legends..

  3. …various folks here at drunkcyclops have got me interested in the major fat phenomena & i most definitely look forward to seeing ‘form cycles’ work at the handbulit show…

    …nice stuff…

  4. Thanks for sharing Dirty. It was great having a couple of my Form creations at the show last year. These guys are untouchable from an innovation standpoint! Good stuff.

  5. …dirty b…met your boys from ‘form’ & quite honestly, it was a fucking highlight of nahbs pour moi…we were certainly all in agreement in our admiration of your exploits, amigo…

    …daryl roberts ‘fatso’ ti softtail pictured above was all dressed to dance on the dunes or slog through the snowfields with craig smith’s adapted lefty fork & it’s major fat wheels n’ tires & all the goodies required to make it my favorite ‘major fat’ at the show…

    …i don’t say that lightly ‘cuz i’ve known some of the other major fat builders for years before they added to their repertoires by heading in that direction…

    …i might not be able to keep up with the form guys on the trails or at the bar these days but it was a great introduction to a bunch a’ truly creative guys…