Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2012

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Oh my, another year has gone by us all. The Classics of Spring are upon us once again. Men of Legend shall reign.

In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love this shit.

Final K:

YouTube Preview Image

Alternative video of the final kilometer in case the Youtube imbed tanks here:

This next vid hits all the highlights of the day. I am sadly mono-lingual and pretty much have no idea what is being said save the names of the riders. Luckily, the pictures speak volumes. Check it here:

Cyclingnews write up here:

That’s right, baby. Pop the champagne. You earned it. The Argyle Aramda is on-form. Or, in the words of the utterly genius blog Big Ring Riding, “TIME TO STEP UP, FUCKTARDS. WINTER’S ALMOST DONE.”

Sep Vanmarcke

Image source:

Vanmarcke is a badass. Check his attack on the Molenberg:

How do you say “Baller” in Spanish?

Juan. Antonio. Flecha.

Dude was on the podium for the fifth time in six years today.

Flecha interview here:

And what happened to Lars Boom today? He went up against Boom Boom and went boom. Shit happens. Vid: He finished 107 on the day.

Keep an eye on this website in the coming weeks and months: I think they will provide what you need if you happen to based in the U.S. (or another country that relegates professional cycling somewhere behind NASCAR, college football, golf & other stupid shit).

Until then, keep the rubber side down.

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8 Replies to “Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2012”

  1. Nice to see Boonen put in some big digs getting to the finish. I thought his congrats to Vanmarcke right after the finish line was pretty classy. Way nicer to see that than the typical sprinter hissy fit that all to often happens.

  2. Looks like Boonen’s got it the head this year, but does he have in the legs? The look of defeat before the line was it’s own kind of epic.

  3. That sideburned fellow sure can spot a thoroughbred. If i was Haussler I would offer to start fetching water bottles just to get a kick at the can.

  4. …’member when that skinny ‘merican kid (“that sideburned fellow…”) started up the ‘slipstream’ team & talked about his dream of eventually taking that team to the continent to do business & we all had shit to say, good n’ bad, about that…

    …kid’s compiled quite a decent resume over the last few years, huh ???…

    …continued success, kid…

  5. Fuck with Boonen and I guess he just puts you in the ditch, eh?! The guy didn’t even flinch….just kept on drillin’ it.

  6. I mostly ride my bike when I want to go to the store. But it was cool just the same.

  7. Boonen looks in his best form since whenever. Bring it on. Seems like you don’t want to fuck with him this season. Just ask Boom.