I am – are you? #occupybikeseat

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I was fiddling with my cell phone the other day on my way to the Y for a swim. I butt dialed 40 Hands by accident and quickly hung up. My phone rang with in 2 seconds, and it was 40 calling me back. I answered it and explained it was a butt dial. We proceeded to talk for the next 31 minutes. It’s funny how we can just blab on and on about our personal lives, with the only link between us being this website. The conversation motivated me to post cuz the stoke just hasn’t been there.

Last week for Valentine’s Day, Dominic and I drove up to Rays indoor MTB park, our second year in a row. It was a blast. It’s a long hectic day because it’s a 4 hour drive each way and the dogs have to go to the babysitter the night before, but man, is it worth it. Unfortunately I had a little accident on the pump track with the camera in my back pocket, and the camera broke. I was able to get a couple of pictures and one video from the memory card though.

YouTube Preview Image

We wore matching outfits, cuz that’s how we roll.


This year, there was way less crashing. I mastered the bumpy logs I couldn’t ride last year, as well as the teeters (in above video) and most of the wooden ramps.

Dominic didn’t go near the foam pit, since last year he fractured a couple of ribs when his handlebars went right into his ribcage on landing. He was more about doing 360’s and triple tail whips for the 15 year olds watching, waiting for them to say “YEAAAAA” when he finished a trick. We stayed for about 4 hours, perma-smiles all day long. We love it up there. It’s just a big ass playground for bike dorks, both young and old.

Besides our trip to Rays, not much is really going on in my world.

The coffee shop job is growing on me in some ways…who would have thought green tea, similar to the ones on teavision.com.au, and vodka are a popular combination?

I continue to strive for that perfect shot of espresso and dish out vegan baked goods (NO! That vegan muffin is NOT good for you just cuz it’s made with egg substitute!) and laugh at the hipsters and their funky facial hair. I often wish I could take pictures of them and start a new blog: The Customers of Sidewinder. I have to admit, they do tip well, most of the time.

And the weather has been very NON winter-like, so I ride a lot. Outside.

Since Gnome’s flight is booked, registrations are completed, and the campsite is confirmed, Mohican training has officially begun, for both of us. Wednesday I went out for a 3.5 hour ride, trashing my legs in the hills of Kentucky. Long, steep climbs that made my lungs beg for mercy. It felt so good. Three months of running stairs on a weekly basis helped a TON, I have to admit.

This will be my only “race” for 2012, and once completed, my road bike will be hung up in the basement for the remainder of the summer and I will ride fixed on the road, and my Voodoo in the woods. That’s the plan. Dominic and I will enjoy our bikes, not race them.

The winter weather continues to be mild and tomorrow’s forecast promises more sunshine and a high of 50. I have a ride planned, I hope you do too. #occupybikeseat

I will leave you with this kind of NSFW music video of a band called Die Antwood. Listen to it at your own risk, cuz once you do, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

61 Replies to “I am – are you? #occupybikeseat”

  1. I rolled 4 hours yesterday out at BCT. it was my first session out there and the trail is supreme. I will make an end to end ride of it soon. Another rider did most of its distance yesterday and logged 65 miles in 9 hours. That ought to make good prep for the Mohican.

    Mid next month I’m pulling the shifters off and rolling SS. I can already feel getting stronger, but once the gloves (shifters) come off, it’ll be time to throw down. I look forward to walking into that pain cave, but I’m still stoked to get in a few more weeks of easier pedaling on the gears. Heck yea.

    I’ve got a few other events planned to prep for the Mohican 100, but after that, I don’t plan to “race” either. Riding and living the cyclist’s life is where it’s at. A few events here and there, sure, but keeping those high end efforts to a minimum does me a huge favor to keep the stoke on high to ride every day.

  2. What the fuck was that video ???

    It was oddly interesting but I feel gay now.

    Excuse me, I have to go fuck a woman now.

  3. This time last year I was cross country skiing 5 times a week in a park 2 blocks from my house. I just can’t get into cycling this early in the season or I’ll get burnt out too soon. I guess I’m just a cycling dilletante.

    Die Antwoord or “The Answer” in Afrikaans. I hate cRAP or hiphop or whatever you call that garbage but Yo-Landi and Ninja and the rest of their cohorts are making some of the most creative, energetic, funny and wild shit. And they cuss a lot in Afrikaans.

    @TTT I felt totally hetero after that video cause I have a woody for Yo-Landi but my girlfriend sprung a leak so now I have to go shopping for a patch kit with a hard on.


  4. @Cap’n Tony

    Tween that video and the retarded horse from our epic commentary on lj’s pothole post, I’m starting to think your fucked up.

    Just saying…

  5. Top 10 signs of the coming apocalypse

    10) more winter cycling than skiing at 42° 21′ 29″ latitude
    9) youtube retarded horse video 48 million views
    8) Judi’s lovely tongue more ginormous than Gene Simmons’ tongue
    7) Republican candidates for the presidency
    6) TripleT still hasn’t come out of the closet
    5) $3.50 cup o’ joe at Starbucks
    4) Littlejar missing in action
    3) hip-hop most popular genre of music among middle class white kids
    2) The NYPD issued more summonses to cyclists than truck drivers last year
    1) (drumroll please) And the number one sign of the coming apocalypse -Drunkcyclist has still NOT blocked my IP

  6. Roger that, Triple T. That is one fucked up video! I’m not sure that i’m any MORE gay, but one SHOULD check, somehow, after that

  7. I’m only number 6 ??

    I am sooooo insulted.

    Or not.

    I get confused easily.

    But I’m all with you on number 1. Gnome hasn’t blocked me ??? I must be doing something wrong. I’ll work on it.

  8. @TTT yeah EVERYONE wants to have Karen O’s baby. No big deal.

    Exhibit 1 as to why I am so fucked up. Saw this band many years ago and I’m still suffering brain damage from that night. NOBODY wants to have this singer’s baby. Spawn of Satan. Rosemary’s baby etc etc.

    She does look good in whipped cream and clothepins though. You’ll never top this.

    Back from the dead-Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics.

    Watch if you dare


  9. Wendy O ??

    You actually brought Wendy O to DC.

    You should be ashamed.

    We’re fucked up but not that fucked up

  10. I’m cringing in the corner, waiting for Hurben to whack me with his Die Antwoord DVD………..
    Put it this way, South Africa is a diverse country with MANY different cultures.

  11. @AfricanSingle,

    cringe no more, as I said some time ago, I hate Die Antwoord with every cell of what is laughingly called my body.

    Culture has nothing to do with that obscenity.

    Makes me want to look for the tear gas canisters & rubber bullets.

  12. O’course

    I kid.

    I’m a kidder.

    My taste in music runs all wild.

    Except for Wendy O. Wendy O sucked.

  13. …wendy o williams had some perky little tits…

    …but i always knew that so i’m just sayin’…

  14. Since white people are the most efficient killing machines on the planet, the problem is with others.

  15. I know. I’m not a fan of the Plasmatics either. Skynyrd I can take or leave, but I for sure can’t stand Kid Rock. Goat fucker needs to be put on some remote barren island and left there.

  16. @#14-It ain’t “fixie”, numbnuts. It’s “fixed gear”, or “fixed wheel” in some backward and underdeveloped countries.

    Folks were riding them long before there were hipsters, and they’ll be riding them long after you are worm food.

  17. @Goat fucker

    I agree totally except for that song.

    Otherwise, toss Kid’s ass off the side.

  18. Fok die antwoord nie, hulle is laer as die skaduwee van slang kak!

    This is the South African music that I love,





    And from New Zealand..


    I live just off Dominion road & Don McGlasson, (lead singer & composer), recently got doored up the road.

  19. Damnit!

    Once more I forgot that this site limits the number of links that you have in a post.

    Can one of the site Deities go release my post that’s ‘Awaiting Moderation’

  20. Oh boy.

    Can’t wait to see Hurben’s links.

    Grab your ass and grab your grass boy’s.

    We be in for s ride.

  21. Typo’s and the internet are like peanut butter and jelly.

    Just saying….

    We be in for *A* ride.

  22. Hold it. 34 comments and only one reference to Judi’s magnificently long tongue? Really? Really? This place is slipping.

  23. “Hold it. 34 comments and only one reference to Judi’s magnificently long tongue? Really? Really? This place is slipping.”

    There are no comments aboot her tongue cause every time we start to type something we are forced to go pound one out.

    Silly rabbit…

  24. @Hurben: No, not rubber bullets.
    I have it on good authority they won’t be part of the SSWC gig. Otherwise there might just be another battle at Spioenkop.

  25. @AfricanSingle,

    Why the hell not?

    Competitors should be forced to ride in Red tunics with brass buttons & a white pith helmet.

    And the course should be mostly uphill.

    This is history we’re talking about, you have to respect the spirits of the place.

  26. @Hurben: I’ll be waiting up there on Aloe Knoll, Mauser at the ready, so keep your head down and you’ll be OK ;) The significance of another battle being fought around Spioenkop does not go unnoticed. This time the losing team will not be under the guidance of a “fat and stupid man”. They’ll probably just be pissed.

  27. @46

    Thanks Hurben. That’s a primo tune and is now on rotation.

    But I gots to ask…

    Is the black woman on the rights ass really that fucking big ??

    Or is there some optical delusion going on here ??

  28. @T3

    Yes, she’s somewhat on the plus side of large.

    She’s been with Johnny for all his tours down under & she sings like an angel!

    I could also say that he can balance his beer on her butt while he’s playing but that would be bad & disrespectful so I wont.

  29. @3T

    I can see it fine down here, maybe it’s because you guys are not part of the British Empire?

    Oops, that’s right, you sort of opted out a few years ago :)

    And you can stop at Afrikaner, I live in NZ & love NZ but I’ll always be a South African

  30. well I went and test-rode a Scott Scale 29 carbon today and I must say it seemed light as hell and fast and stiff. WANT

  31. @Hurben: Ironically reminiscent of the service delivery protests that have been tracking the country the lat few years. And no less brutally put down. Judi is an honorary Saffer, so we will be forgiven for our hijack ;)