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26 Replies to “Caption this: OWW MY NOSE!”

  1. “Maybe I should re think the separate steering unicycle and riding unicycle idea.”

  2. I would laugh but I kinda did that myself last year. Didn’t tighten the quick release on the front wheel.


  3. Pinch flat and face flat all at once. Run with just a little more air next time to prevent the pinch flat.

  4. The best thing about this picture? That pannier rack that’s about a 1/2 second away from smacking him in the back of the head. I wonder if it made a big reverberating “GONG-ong-ong-ong” sound…

    Why? ‘Cause that would be AWESOME!

  5. …i think this guy should keep his kinky sex practices to the privacy of his own home…

    …that kinda shit in front of the kids is tasteless…

  6. I love the smell of Stan’s in the morning. The smell, you know, that rubbery smell, the whole hill. Smells like … defeat.