Dishing out love and truth.

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Let’s get it straight, everyone in here makes up the Drunkcyclist community. Contributors, readers, bloggers and tweeters, each providing unique perspectives that empower a movement. We live dissimilar lives with similar interests. Interests so rooted into our soul it produces that euphoric feeling which can’t be explained. We meet at the intersection of bikes and booze, finding balance between exertion and alteration. Exerting the effort and altering the mind to create a blissed out experience that’s felt by less than a percent. The simplicity of bike and the capacity of booze work in unison to create the appreciation for life and the land we roll. We seek simple joy and everlasting impact. We’ve felt the feeling and yearn for repetition, but time is short. Jobs, people, sickness and indolence clutter the schedule that should say RIDE. We stick together to provide smiles and meaning. To view all as one and relish the sport for what it is. We are the movement. #occupybikeseat

I wanted to shout out to DC Reader Ron for this morning manifesto:

“Today as I read a post about a book review I thought, “Ride bikes. Ride bikes. The only thing important about bikes is riding bikes.”  As a kid in the 80’s, riding untold miles daily on a BMX bike probably bought from a yard sale or if you were lucky from Hills Department Store, we didn’t have specific names for a type of rider. We didn’t have rules, classes, or poser arguments.  We didn’t have helmets, riding gloves, or maxi-padded shorts.  If you had a bike and rode it, that was awesome. The only thing of importance was time on the saddle (a name only used for horses back then) and having fun with your buddies.

Somehow, in these enlightened modern times, things have gone way off track. The “serious” riders out there need to remember what it was like as a kid to ride a bike. As an adult, it should still be fun, like titties and beer! It’s not work. It’s not serious. It’s just fucking awesome!

Go ride in dress clothes cause you’re too excited to take the time to change. Hang out in a parking lot and see who can make the longest skid mark, who can do the longest wheelie, or sweetest endo. To me anyway, it’s more about the ride than it is about the bike. The ride is life. The bike is merely a means to that end.”

That is all.

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

19 Replies to “Dishing out love and truth.”

  1. …yep…several years into my 60’s & that’s all still relevant to me…

    …ride the bike…

  2. In 35 odd years there was about 20 minutes of not wanting to ride my bike. Shed some frustration tears, threw some gear around, picked it back up and pedaled on.

    Thanks DC for letting my mind wander while I sit here at work.

    Light cold rain today and I get excited just thinking of the ride home just like yesterday and the day before that and the months….. the years…..

  3. I work in hell 12 hours each day. each day I’m on my feet for those 12 hours, dodging disease, spit, piss and shit. I easily hate it and I count the days until I’ll be able to quit. Soon. But, for now, I ride daily, 18 miles to that shit job in that shit town. And those 18 miles are the best part of each and every work day. The 18 miles slow roll to Rottonwood is my coping mechanism.

  4. Well said Cupcake!
    I still remember getting my first bike, almost 50 years ago…
    Every ride I take still reminds me of joy and the sense of true freedom that two wheels can give you. Just ride…and smile!

  5. …stay the course, gnomer…

    ..instead of your rides bookending the shit (& i’m glad you have that good part, at least) may the time come when goodness bookends your rides…


  6. Since I was bout 12 the bike(whatever junky handmedown 2wheeled pile) I was riding was an amazing combo of excitement and adventure to which I have never known an equal. It took me to new neighborhoods, roads, and trails.
    I love to ride my bike! To smile, sing, and scream with pure joy.
    If you whine or hate you are not a rider. It’s just not humanly possible to be both.
    Ride whatcha got!

  7. I took almost 12 years off the bicycle for other physical pursuits. Mainly getting my faced fucked up playing hockey. I got back into it 7 years ago. I do nothing but enjoy being on a bicycle. I commute by bicycle, work in the industry, and breath this shit. I can’t do anything I did as a kid on a bike, but I still love skidding my tires, leaning over in corners, and the constant smile I get from two wheels. I ride anything I can get my leg over and smile all the way. This post is the shit I live for. Thank you Ron, Cupcake, and the whole DC family for making my time in-between the times in the saddle that much more enjoyable.

  8. …there’s really nothing in life quite like cycling…

    …the opportunity is always right there outside your door whether you’re headed out for one of those serious, focused rides be it on the pave or the dirt or maybe a regular commute to work…could be time to go out shopping & transport the groceries home or a quick 6 blocks down to the local for brews n’ buddies or just a kick back cruise on the townie…

    …but it’s always right there…

    …& whats awesome is that while all of our needs are different, everybody on this site has got a fucking jones for it…

  9. What a great post. The child-like feeling of riding is something I am constantly grateful for. Titties and beer, brothers and sisters. Titties and beer.

  10. Iride yesterday, but last night I decided it was beer time, for the first time since my Christmas vomiting special. Which, shocking the girlie’s family was not stocked on at all. Well someone on here mentioned Lagunita’s, so whilst shopping I ran across the previous mentioned brewer’s offerings and picked up a pricier six pack than the 12 pack of PBR I was going to grab. (Side note can we in the working class take that brand back. Fuck hipsters stealing my beer.) When I got home I cracked one before putting away the groceries. I was instantly greatful for someones mention of this product. The hops made what was a horrible day finish off great. So thank you drunk cyclist for once again making my life awesome.