#occupybikeseat – #occupytshirt

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We have teamed up with Pioneer Sales Marketing to bring you guys the first DC t-shirt in 2 years. We are really excited about this and I can’t wait to get these out there to you. 20 bucks gets you a kick ass, high quality cotton t-shirt and maybe even a love letter from Dave over at Pioneer.

Time to start the DC movement. Time to #OCCUPYBIKESEAT !


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71 Replies to “#occupybikeseat – #occupytshirt”

  1. Done.

    Ordered a Unicorn cow bell while I was there, Heckle that bitches, feel the magic rainbows.

  2. Do ya have a OccupyCarSeat ???

    I’m a lazy fuck recently. Haven’t ridden in a month+.

    Or am I on the wrong site for this ??

  3. Doe that mean I can shit in the street, throw trash everywhere, destroy public property and generally conduct myself as one of the “#occupy…” crowd?

  4. Joe, this also means we can finally get that drum circle started…it’s time for dreams to come true.

  5. when can I see an #occupybarstool? I’d rather wear my #occupybarstool while I’m on the bike, and and #occupybikeseat when I’m on the barstool…thus completing the vicious dichotomy of life.

  6. That’s like screw-you pricing only the dork readers of fatcyclist pony up!

    Besides, I miss the joke too, I’m afraid.

  7. Sorry to burst youze ladies’ bubbles, but when I break camp I always leave the place better than I found it. Difference between a man and a bum, I suppose.

  8. If The Epic Ride ordered a large, I’d better get a medium. Jeezus God, I’m getting skinny.

  9. The shirt is pretty nice quality, we ain’t taking sandpaper feeling, free race t-shirt here. So that cost a little bit more. We got a little hosed on the shipping because we are doing everything a flat rate. But I have arranged that every order will get a few bucks extra worth of stickers to make up for it.
    Sorry about that everybody!

    I want to thank everybody for all the support on these shirts! we are about 75% sold out and almost sold out of XXL.

    DC will take over the world!

  10. For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone with a shred of self respect would want to identify with that “#occupy…” bunch. It MUST be a hipster thing.

  11. I assure you, it’s not a hipster thing.

    I think it’s a human rights thing, but since they’ve all been so unfocused and disorganized, that got lost underneath headlines about squatting. A shame, really. They had a real opportunity to do some good.

    As it is, it’s funny. #occupydonttakeyourselfsofuckingseriously.

  12. Yep.

    The Occupy stuff was great in theory.

    Practice fucked it up.

    This country is wrong joe.

    Pull your head out of your ass and take a look around.

  13. I see some guys (cough Joe cough) deride the Occupy dudes for making a mess and “destroying public property” … Gee, I wonder if there are any soulless, profit-driven, “too big to fail” entities that might rightfully be accused of the same thing?

    Disclaimer: I am an “Advocate”-level supporter of TWS (The Wilderness Society), a Washington D.C.-based public lands policy advocacy group.

    PS— Imma go occupy a ski boot. Windy as fuck out there but sunny and sparkly and purty, like a picture. Skate on, brothers.

  14. Well, when even as unbiased an organization as msdnc highlights the destruction and the disregard for basic common courtesy, never mind the creation of trashpiles requiring a million bucks worth of cleanup crews in hazmat suits, even those who drink deepest of the koolaid must admit to knowing bums when you see them.

    Odd thing-I have to admit the occupy folks might have some good points, but I can’t get far enough past the utterly reprehensible behavior to listen. On the other hand, as a social libertarian there are elements of the Tea Party that make me a touch uneasy. But in presenting their case in a dignified and respectful manner they have earned my ear, if not my heart and mind. Funny how that works.

  15. Of course the fact that I haven’t been able to occupy a bicycle seat since just after Chrismas (work related injury) has probably colored my outlook in ways that I may not fully appreciate for months to come. I just might have that drink after all.

  16. “the destruction and the disregard for basic common courtesy, never mind the creation of trashpiles requiring a million bucks worth of cleanup crews in hazmat suits, even those who drink deepest of the koolaid must admit to knowing bums when you see them.”

    @Joe— British Petroleum, right?

  17. re LA: I just read another article before checking in here. This obviously warrants a thread from BJ. But here is my take:

    Something tells me that if Bonds had been sponsored by a taxpayer funded entity like the USPS, the charges against him would have been dropped as well.

    So now how much will the Feds hold back from ASADA to avoid exposing even more obscure layers of corruption within the halls of gov’t?

  18. I love it! The Haters will be out in full force just like Frankie’s bitch. Like our government does not have anything better to do than chase Lance around. This is absolutely fantastic! Now all you limp dicks will have an eternity to complain about the injustice that you perceive from this shocking (LOL) news.

  19. fact is, some guys get away with it. A certain “willing suspension of disbelief” is required to enjoy professional sports these days. Fortunately, I drink enough that I can’t wait for the classics and the Giro. Forza!

  20. joe, that is the most coherent thing I’ve heard you say about politics. You must not be drinking much. I would disagree that the tea party was polite. They were purposefully intimidating, and whatever legitimate points they may have had are lost by bad behavior and the fact that they were promoted by Fox News/Dick Armey/AFP. They don’t represent you or me. That said, I would like #OWS to get rid of the drum circles and hippie nonsense. Oakland certainly hasn’t helped things. I’m actually mad that they have allowed the destructive aspects to overshadow their message. A movement doesn’t need to be comfortable, but their behavior has turned a lot of people off (you, some of my family) that would otherwise actually support them if they took the time to listen.

  21. ***late breaking news***

    …dallas stars hockey club spokesman choad choker announced the signing of noted cyclist & tour d’ france winner lance armstrong to a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract…

    …choker was quoted as saying “…any motherfucker that can skate like that guy, deserves a spot on the team…armstrong has also shown great defensive skills over the years…”

    …texas rangers owner & noted ex-hurtler nolan ryan expressed disappointment that the baseball team couldn’t secure armstrong’s services…said ryan – “…that son of a bitch was down to a full count & he steps up & knocks a home run out of the fucking park…i was hoping to sign him to a big money contract…”

  22. @37-Don’t know aboot that, eh. Been to afew Tea Party rallys. Saw lots of hard working Momand Dad types. Imptressed by their civility of conduct and rhetoric. Didn’t see hide nor hair of Fox News. Or AFP. Or Dick Army. Or Dick Cheney. Or Dick Nixon. Just folks exercising theirn First Amendment rights in a civil and orderly manner. And anyone who felt intimidated by the people I saw probably had enough problems to begin with.

    And no, I ain’t seen a sign of thos “#Occupy…” folks. Not up around here. Guess I should check them out in the interest of science. Travel money’s been scarce as rocking horse poop since I’ve beenj off work though. Wonder if they’re still down in DC? That might be doable.

  23. oddly enough i’ve seen a few tea party people at the local “occupy” protests. but they were also the type that believed the president was born in america, thinks “socalist death panels” are hilarious, and dont talk about communist healthcare while sitting in a jazzy. the majority of both sides are retarded though and my opinion is the only right one, so i guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

  24. joethenoworkelectrician,

    occupy events are everywhere. open yer eyes and wake the fuck up. oh, and stick your libertarianism up ron paul’s cunt.

  25. Nevermind that. Still ain’t figured out who Dirty Harry’s shilling for. But I damned sure don’t like where things are pointing. “Halftime in America” my ass. Two minute warning.

  26. The Pogues are hawking Subaru…
    Ween is hawking Honda…
    Modest Mouse is hawking Nissan…

    Probably the worst is ‘Gimmie Shelter’ being used in Call of Duty video game ads.

    Rape, Murder
    It’s just a shot away!
    It’s just a shot away!

  27. Even tripple F is sensitive.. despite having two fingers up..I get too many mixed messages here… Ive grown up..seems like maybe you sold out….

  28. Why don’t you trade us in for a younger, prettier, more punk rock drunkcyclist?

    I remember when commenters bitched a lot less and said cool shit instead of, well, you know…

  29. Sold out ??

    So having a mortgage and car payments and a girlfriend 1/2 my age that annoys the crap outta me is selling out ??

    Sign me up.

  30. not to bitch, but I don’t ever remember when commentary flames didn’t exist, except prior to comments being possible all together. And prior to comments, it was flame by email, which I think might be better for the ship, but whatever. That’s not my bag.

    Either way, reformation is a bitch.

    gotta sell out to eat out.

  31. Mr. Henry Rollins is a hero of mine. And punk ain’t dead at my house— go listen to that Wild Flag record from last year. Rawk on, ladies.

  32. HA! I miss the porn and hate the whiney lamentations as well. Wait, what the fuck am I doing here then?

  33. You’re right, it’s pretty hard to find porn on the internet.

    My impression is that the comments section has always been for whining. Correct me if I’m wrong…

  34. i hope i don’t sound “whiney” …for t hemost part, i’m pretty stoked on life and bikes. But i’m sure you guys will let me know if i sound like a bitch…

  35. Wait. What? There’s porn on teh intardwebnet toobs now? How in the fuck can it be that I’m always the last to know?


    Just. Fucking. Jeeze.

  36. Oh, and db? It’s entirely possible to be totally stoked on bikes and life and still sound like a whiney-assed bitch. Nevermind how I know; just trust me on this.