Friday Motivation

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Just got an email from my buddy AfghanBMXer.  Seems he has been hard at work snapping some pictures of the people on bikes in his “neighborhood”. Not quite sure why his photos motivate me to ride so much, but they do.

 Too tired or sore to ride? Bike doesn’t fit right, saddle sucks, bar tape is ripped, cables are frayed? You have to wait to get that professional fit before you can do a “real” ride. Don’t have the right shoes? Wool, gortex, cotton, or whogivesafuck? Is it cold? Maybe it is raining or snowing, or you forgot your sunblock. Watts, calories, BPM, miles, feet of climbing or Km/hr. The trails are too muddy, not enough time to get a real workout, too much traffic on Sunday mornings in the burbs…  Lose the excuses. Find the time. Get out and ride this weekend. You know these guys will.

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12 Replies to “Friday Motivation”

  1. Like The Gingrich sed. Fuck those kids. they need to find a job, then be the job, then own the job.

    Perhaps pastel bike painting?

  2. …c.a.s. once again delays the contador verdict…

    …wow…i never saw that coming ‘cuz hey, who coulda guessed ???…

    …it’s not like this has been dragging on for years or anything…

  3. @08-Don’t know aboot that, eh, but as to “clinging to their guns, their God and their antipathy to those who are different”, I’d say your buddies the Taliban could school us all.

  4. This picture makes me want to never complain again.

    I will because I’m a big bitch but at least I’ll feel bad now.

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