IF only…

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Back in my college days I had a roommate that had a lot of IF bikes. All steel, all campy, and all with custom paint jobs. We didn’t dare touch them or even think about riding them. But this roommate also liked Guinness beer, a whole heck of a lot. Whenever he would get all tanked on that creamy black gold I would ask him if I could take one of his bikes for a ride in the morning. Oddly enough, he would always say yes.

He was a hell of a guy when he was drunk.

This video brings me back to those days

…and maybe this one too

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20 Replies to “IF only…”

  1. I have a Somerville IF and I wanted to give the frames from NH the high hat BUT after watching that I just can’t. They’re made with the same care as the Masshole editions even if some of the names have changed.

  2. Okay, I got the video. Too cool. Bugger if I know what happened the first time. Ratsa-fratsa intardwebtoobs…

  3. Hey sfb, my buddy has a ti IF 29er frame for sale on ebay, one of the last frames to come out of Sommerville before they moved to NH. I think it’s a 17.5″. Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you his contact info.

  4. ha! TERRIFIC! I love to see NH pride being pushed to the forefront. for those in the area with the inclination, check out Crack Skulls right across the street. Best coffee and used books in the area.
    <—former Baileyworks employee, stoked to see NH on DC

  5. Nice catch. Used to work in same factory complex with Fat City and Merlin. After leaving MA. always wondered what became of FC crew. Some crazy shit in that yard day to day.

  6. …obie…chris chance is now a left coaster…we’ve been road riding once a week for the last 8 months & the lad is doing a fair amount of bike commuting in the area…

    …met gwyn jones & got to know ted constantino a bit (“…back in the day…”) when merlin was still an independent, out near ‘the charles’ in mass…