MTB and going away parties

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I had me a busy weekend here in Fort Collins, full of bike rides and going away parties.  With my advisor’s blessing I left school early on Friday to get my shit together and meet the CSU Cycling gang for a mountain bike ride.  The weather was perfect and spirits were high as we began the climb up Maxwell.  Halfway up the climb I heard a “ping”, and felt my chain drop off.  Further inspection revealed that I had lost a chain ring bolt, and my front sprocket was slightly bent.  Walking down the trail and trying to figure out how long it would take me to walk to the nearest bike shop to get my bike fixed, I remember that one of Fort Collin’s local pros lived pretty close to the trailhead.  I gave Jeff a call, he told me to stop on by so that my drivetrain could be fixed.

Getting my drivetrain back to working order

After finding the right pieces, and using some good old fashioned elbow grease, my drivetrain was back to working.  Even though there was some daylight still left I decided to cut my losses, head home, and get ready for a night out on the town to celebrate a fellow graduate student’s moving out of town to start a new job.  Needless to say the night was nothing short of great, defined by smiles, laughs, and the telling of stories we have already told one too many times.

Obligatory group shot
Group stop

Saturday brought another day for mountain biking and a going away party, only this time the activities were combined.  After several years of great service, Fort Collin’s City Bicycle Coordinator, known as “DK” by almost all, has decided to take a job as the bicycle coordinator for the city of Davis.  A group of about 12 met late in the morning and we made out way to Michaud for some hot laps.  Once again the weather was exceptionally great for January, and we spent the next two hours enjoying the trail, passing a flask around, and each others’ company.  At about 2 pm, what was left of the group made our way to Bar SS in Laporte, CO, where pints of beer were tipped back in honor of DK.  As expected it was a great day both on the trail and at the bar, shared amongst good folks.

One of the best places to finish a bike ride
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About 40 Hands

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11 thoughts on “MTB and going away parties

  1. Living the dream is right. Awesome.

    My idea of awesome is flying a mini helicopter while I take a shit.

  2. If the City of Davis you mention is the one in California, then we’ll be happy to have DK. While we can’t boast being able to ride to the trail heads-at least not in anything approaching a reasonable amount of time-we at least have lots of good beer in town. Anyway,I’d be happy to show off what we have in the area on both counts.

  3. Pro, ha! I am just a bike junkie with a great job in the industry who rides waaaaaaaaay too much! Thanks for the link up and glad I could help!