CX Nats Roundup

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Being stuck at work when Cross Nats is going on next door is like having a white head that won’t pop. You’re so close to fun, yet something stands in the way of you from blasting out of there like a bat outta’ hell. Well, the weekend finally came. The beer flowed, the cupcakes were dominated, and the mud stayed muddy. It was cyclocross at its finest.

We met these three guys Friday night keeping the spirit alive at the Machinery Row Party.

We’ve got here the one gear steers havin’ beers: Aaron Bradford (1st), Alex Work (7th) and Scott Chapin (4th). Thumbs up you angry bastards!

Saturday morning hit and it was up early for Cupcake and his baking sidekick.

Final product. Super power cakes reserved for winners only.

Being a spectator at a cross race is more fun than actually racing the damn thing. Here’s proof.

1. Fat bike Chad from Fort Lewis College didn't let his upcoming race stop him from devouring the first cup cake. 2. Nathan from Lees McRae stuffing it down. 3. Tina Fey and Grizzly Adams being excited. 4. Ben and yours truly hassling at the run up. 5. Tanner and Jess from Tulsa reppin' the middle of the country. These cupcakes will be reppin' the middle of their bodies soon. 6. Cale from Radison eating with passion. #occupymouth 7. Brenden from Chicago and QBP Salsa rep can't get the smile off his face. 8. VeloNews paparazzo Wil Matthews shows us what satisfaction looks like.

Of course we need booze, the necessary pitstop to the friendly folk at Verona Wine Cellar.

Keeping us stocked all weekend. Thanks guys.
Tim Johnson letting the cupcake occupy his mouth.

Saturday was a nice, being family friendly and everything, but Sunday cross racing is a whole different animal. Trash talk, cupcake hurls, Grape Nut sabotage, yea this day had it all, and there was no better place to be than the Erickson run-up. By the end of the day, the soldiers out there were like family. Feeding each other beer soaked cupcakes and washing ’em down with a bottle of Korbel from our friend Dave. Hell yea Dave. More proof…

1) DC loyalist psyched to wash his beer down with a cupcake. 2) Our German buddy Steve nomming. Him and his two girls ate half my stash…good work! 3) Nashville using the cakes to his advantage. 4) Our dear friend Smoking Man died and then came back alive. Crazy shit. 5) Dave, this caption will never equate the man you are. Keep boozing, keep eating cakes, keep cx’ing, and keep living the young life you live. You’re an inspiration. 6) Here’s the new breed in Radison, Horsecock Kellogg and The Hampster. 7) TJ and Brian drove here all the way from Idaho to say “I do” to cupcakes. 8) I said Antlers and this guy eats. 9) Radison group keeping it drunk and dirty.

There were so many highlights this weekend. My voice is hoarse, my ass hurts, and my cupcakes are gone. Now, time for the award for This Weekend’s Drunkest Cyclist.

Chris Ramsey eyeing his prey.

Chris Ramsey, a Tucson OG flying in Athlete Octane threads took down the better portion of a tallboy on his next lap, while riding up a hill. Congratulations Chris and keep up the good work. See you next year!

Special thanks to Babi Cakes for the stellar photos.

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9 Replies to “CX Nats Roundup”

  1. hell yes!!! excellent write up, and fantastic pix. i met chris “ram-rod” here at the uci3 cx fest in november. good guy for sure.

  2. Good times. “These three guys” kill the local cx scene in NorCal, and I get to suffer because of them.

  3. Great to meet you and share in a “cupcake”, Thanks for the photo in the blog. (I am pic #1 in the Sunday photos) What a fantastic race to watch. Great Dane local brew was wonderful surprise bonus!!

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