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8 Replies to “Best Kit Ever”

  1. Like some wanker said already, pink looks good on no man.
    Personally, I think that lycra in any color looks good on no man.
    And these people are foreign.
    Pretentious fucks.

  2. Saw that on Velosnooze yesterday, and been trying like hell to translate their order form ever since. Four years of high school French wasted!

    Cockcheese looks good on no man.

  3. …ummm…i thought drunkcyclist gear was the best kit ever…

    …okay, then…next iteration dc kit can feature sublimated photos AND provide an opportunity to bring back some of the hidden porn…

    …X-rated jerseys n’ shorts…

    …she – “…are those ‘ron jeremy’ cycling shorts or are you just glad to see me ???”

    …he – “both, baby…believe me, both…”

  4. “…kit…”? I pretty much ride in whatever clothes I happen to be wearing. Or I will, when this accursed hamstring heals.

    You see, for me cycling is not a sport. It is simply who I am.

  5. @joe

    That’s like that the 10th time you’ve mentioned your pulled hamstring.

    A. A pulled string ain’t that bad.

    B. You pulled it jerking off didn’t you ??

    Happy New Year.

  6. Maybe the second time. Cripes, it ain’t like I’m posting photos of my own vomit.

    A. Won’t know how bad for awhile. Seeing my chiropractor tomorrow. Trust the veterinarians at the clinic the company sends us to about as far as I can walk with this bum leg. “Ain’t that bad” is relative. Compared to a compound fracture, sure. Compared to getting on the bike and riding, it sucks donkey balls. Swear I can hear the cobwebs piling up on my fleet.

    B. No, actually I tripped. On the job. At zero dark hundred. With an armload of core drills. On shit that should have had caution tape around it. Now I ain’t workin’ and I got bills to pay.