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15 Replies to “Merry..Happy…Let’s Go Ride”

  1. …angels n’ elves, reindeer n’ santa & shit…god bless tiny tim ‘cuz this video on top of all the awesome stuff done by sunday cycles & their volunteers makes for the bestest christmas of all…

    …whether or not you celebrate christmas, hanukka, kwanza or just riding your fucking bike, may you have the opportunity to enjoy the season any way you see fit & in the best possible manner…

    …& as we said back in the ’60’s…

    “…peace, love & may the baby jesus shut your mouth & open your eyes…”

  2. That was-how you young folks say? “Sick”? In a thoroughly enjoyable way. Who doesn’t like some Run DMC?

    Mrs. Joe, Little Joe, Little Joe’s buddy and Mrs. Joe’s sister are getting ready to go to Christmas Eve service. Me, I don’t need to go to church to talk to the Baby Jesus. Got him on speed dial. So I’ll hold down the fort with my kittehs. And my beer. Mmmm, beer.

    Whatever your holiday traditions, may the very best come to all of you. May your days be happy, and may you have a joyous and blessed new year.

    Peace and love,


  3. “So this is Christmas and what have you done ” thank you Mr.Lennon !Santa rides a Surly Big red sleigh model with the new 10 reindeer Campy drive train!Best of the season and many more miles

  4. …hmmm, as i heard it, it didn’t involve bikes…mrs claws wants to get pere noel ‘fixed’

    …she’s tired of all the little elves running around…

  5. Waitaminnitt…The site has a Carhartt ad. Butt(!) Carhartts is the ultimate workwear. I know this because I rocks me some Carhartt and I work. Butt(!) the site looks geared to hipsters, whom I’d bet the ranch couldn’t hang with me for 15 minutes if they tried to do the work I do everyday.


    Why would a hipsters need a Carhartt? Ai haz a confyoozed. Iz pretty big, akshoololly.


  6. Joe.

    Your ability to speak kitteh is too good to be true.

    Actually it’s too good to be a man.

    You’re a chick ain’t ya ??

  7. hilarious… a day earlier i broke RunDMC Hollis Xmas to Kai and he can’t get enough. Now he sees it with bikes… kid is stoked. thx db.