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8 Replies to “Happy Birthday KFC!”

  1. judi judi judi.

    This is DC. Spell it out. 1/2 the guys on DC are either morons, drunk or dolaks.

    KATIE FUCKIN’ COMPTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Katie.

  2. …raise a glass, back at ‘cha, katie fucking compton…

    …quite simply – total props – you do it with both style & integrity…

  3. Only you joe. Only you.

    Don’t you have some bourbon to polish off ??

    Or a barn-yard animal to fondle ??

  4. She can club you like a seal as soon as she’s done clubbing me like a seal. The line starts immediately to my left. No, my other left.

  5. Easy, effeffeff. Alls I’m sayin’ is that combo of letters has certain food-related associations with me. So ban me for posting when hungry.

    Bourbon? Cutty tonight, actually.

    Barnyard animals? What, and cheat on your mom?