1999 Tour of Murcia

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Plenty of sun splashed Spanish hills for all you folks enjoying the onset of fall out there to look at. The video is an hour long, so break out the rollers and have at it. You’ll be glad you put the time in come spring.

Need I mention that Marco Pantani took the win?

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I’m never sure whether to post videos such at this on the Drunkcyclist blog or on the DC tumbler page. This post seems a little light on the text (and original thought) to be taking up valuable blog space.

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4 Replies to “1999 Tour of Murcia”

  1. I love the kits from that era. This was the year I began following cycling a lot and enjoying the superstars of the day with one being the great Marco. Thanks for posting!

  2. “…so break out the rollers and have at it”

    …ya, that or kick back with some tasty ‘queso de murcia curado’, a sweet mild tasting raw goat cheese from that region whilst sipping a spanish montilla moriles, a sherry like amontillado & enjoy watching the little italian as he once carved his name throughout the cycling world…

    …i mean, there ARE times to work up a sweat but, hey, sometimes you gotta kick back & appreciate the greatness…

  3. I could watch that every day after work. Thanks for posting this one. I needed it.