Thankful for Holidays

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The day before Thanksgiving is always Wednesday and is a national drinking holiday. We also have weekly Wednesday night rides here in my town. Because of this amazing coincidence, I decided that we should have an extra special ride this week. Like usual we started at our favorite bar but we had an extra treat this night, the tapping of the Firestone Walker XV. If you like delicious beers, you should probably find some of this stuff.

Primed and ready to go, I took off  a few minutes ahead of the group so I could prepare the first “aid station”. This Arizona style aid station consisted of Hornitos and OJ cocktails, Submarinos, and of course little chocolate donuts.

bottles were emptied
DC represented

With the tequila gone, we moved on to the next aid station. There waiting for us were two young ladies, an air mattress (don’t ask), and a 30 pack on ice. There was a quick detour to the neighborhood pump track, then back to the bar to finish up the night. All in all, it was a great night on a bike, I would recommend something similar to everybody. I hope all of you are having an equally great holiday!

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  1. yo rabid!
    why do you even bother reading this site if you always hate? we are in a lot of different places from Ohio to Colorado to Arizona to North Carolina to Germany… and the readers are even more diverse. What’s the big deal homey? your shit is played out and tired.