Hawk Werk

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I dig what Hawk does. Not only that he’s inhouse, but then that he gets it done all around. So here goes; This work fronts for Estate Skate Shop over in the chapel hill. He’s got one of those kinds of jobs that is better than your vacation. Right?

I look at that shit for a while. I have a few pieces of his on my walls at home too. It’s good shit. Check out more of Roberston’s work at snakehawk.blogspot.com and seventysicks.com.


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17 Replies to “Hawk Werk”

  1. I think I need him to paint my office walls. I mean, re-sale value considerations are out the window at this point (I own in Phoenix), so what’s the harm?

  2. OK. So what is it ??

    Or is it one of those Picasso type things where ya have to be bat-shit crazy to understand ??

    Cause I’m just crazy. I haven’t elevated to bat-shit just yet. Working on it tho.

  3. …(in a stilted ‘uppercrust’ art gallery-ish accent) – “yas. yas, i noticed in mister schnegg hogg’s latest schpray-werk that the simple yet deliciously enticing juxtaposition of the red & tonal greys had an evocative quality which i found drew me deeper into their presence on the wall/canvas…it had a hint of winter & a delicate plum afterflavor…i so heartily applaud…”

    …estate skate shop guys – “yo, hawk…fuckin’ rad, dude !!!…”

  4. …& in case it’s not clear, yes, i’m a fan of both snake hawk & ‘most’ forms of self expressionist creativity…

    …if an artist shits on a plate, calls it art & titles it “what goes around, comes around”, then me, as a fan of self expressionism, ehhh, not so much…

  5. Hey Gnomefucker, he;s still working on it in the photos, so how was I to know it was finished? Hawk understands, so who’s the little bitch now? Yeah, that’s right, Gnomefucker is.

  6. …whoa, there…perhaps a little more chamois creme is in order ‘cuz somebody is sounding more than a little sensitive right about now…

    …just sayin’…

  7. Yo Snakehawk,
    gonna be last-callin it in the tri-fectal metropolan you call home.
    2nite wednesdee, prior only one day to the senseless slaying of natives that us awesome people call a holiday. Hope to see ya, maybe at the Timeout around 2:05 AM. I’ll be the rowdy chunky guy in the pink polo with my collar popped. Redfaced and impatient. OK maybe I’ll make a spray-painted airport sign so you can differentiate me from e’ryone else.
    I guess the re-se-vwa is !?non-abierto!? sucky news. your art looks great in our living room. Can i borrow that gasmask? I have an aftermarket bolt on kit for it. Maybe its already port and polished judging by the paint-ins. watch out for dark alleys, 5 gallon buckets and broken bottles.