Green war paint for the pedals

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I went out to CDA, ID today for a local cross race to yell at people and show off my dog to everyone. As I was walking through the parking lot pretty buzzed, I saw this cat painting his pedals with anti freeze- I don’t know really how good it works but it sure looked cool.

please paint my sack next

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27 thoughts on “Green war paint for the pedals

  1. Definitely be careful with animals around anti-freeze. They think it tastes good, and if it is the ethylene glycol variety, it can cause renal failure (in all mammals). propylene glycol is considered the safe alternative. The old Hell’s Angels trick is to drink antifreeze after getting shit faced drunk since the alcohol blocks it’s absorption. It’s definitely a risky move and probably shouldn’t be done. Ever.

  2. My step-mother was a nurse, and the treatment for antifreeze poisoning is an IV containing alcohol. I’ve heard stories of people desperate for a buzz drinking antifreeze just so they can get drunk at the hospital. The charcoal in the stomach isn’t too pleasant though… Also, I’m a PhD student in ecology, and I’ve taught human anatomy and physiology. That’s not one I normally tell my students, because I don’t want them to go out and try it, but I do like having a set of strange info that helps the exercise phys. and kinesiology students understand that there is reason to know organic and biochemistry.

  3. …i’m wondering if the antifreeze was because he was concerned about actual ice buildup during the race (you did mention it was c-c-cold up there this weekend, c-m) because if mud n’ crap was the concern, i’ve seen cx racers use ‘pam’, the anti-stick frying pan spray…

    …dunno how long it lasts or how efficient it is under freezing conditions but at least it won’t harm your dog (or any drunk cx racers) if they lick your pedals, ya ???…

  4. Yea. I’m with el jefe. I’d be REAL careful with that anti-freeze shit.

    My bro lost a dog years ago that way. He spilt some on the driveway and…

    Not a pretty scene.

  5. Um, I know that folks here in PDX paint their cross bikes with spray-on vegetable shortening (like PAM, for example). They spray it on frames and tires (but they tell me to definitely keep it away from your rims!).
    I haven’t tried it — I have to pass the hose on the way to the shed, which is good incentive for washing off the mud right away after a race — but I hear it works and I’m pretty sure it won’t kill Fido if he mistakes it for butter.

  6. bgw is right. Yep, I’m stunned too. Cooking spray on your pedals, inside the fenders-hell, ANYWHERE you’re concerned about icing.

    I use it on my snowblower. If you ain’t man enough to rock that, your snow shovel will like it too.

  7. Anti-freeze is a really good way to strip the grease from pedal bearings. Leaky head gasket in your car usually leads to bearing failure at the crank or camshaft. It displaces oils very well.

  8. 1 month into 6 months of winter here.
    -20 this week.

    Really, anti freeze for the pedals?
    Must be some shitty pedals.
    Snow and cold don’t phase crank bros.

  9. I am not a fan of time pedals. Shimano pedals have always worked for me and if they don’t work, I’ll make em work by smashing my foot into the pedal.

  10. I love Time for road pedals, I’ve run Shimano on the mtb for years. They always seem to work great. Too much invested in multiple bikes to change. I also tend to not ride when conditions are that bad. I know, HTFU. Follow me with a box van full of free parts and I’d be happy to oblige…

  11. I’ll say it again-I’ve ridden fixed in the crappiest conditions. Never needed a “box van full of free” ANYTHING! Well, coffee and donuts, maybe. But I’ve never in six years had a weather-related mechanical problen.






    And in conclusion (pause for applause) not a single God damned one.

  12. How do you NOT like Time mtb pedals? They are the shizznit…I have a pair that are over 10 years old on my Mukluk…plus three more pairs for other bikes. I’ve had Shimano, and they weren’t bad, Speedplay (constantly clipped out on me), and Crank Bros (until I sold the bike they were on). Time for offroad, Look for onroad.

    ‘Round these parts, almost everyone I know running Crank Bros has broken them, for some reason.

    And though I ride all winter in the snow, I’ve never used antifreeze or PAM…just bang the shoe against the pedal once or twice and clip in.

  13. …i’ve got ‘time’ for the road & i’ve got ‘time’ for the dirt & i’m NOT talking about my riding time, i’m talking about the ‘times’ that i ride…

    …is that perfectly clear ???…

    …i thought so…

  14. Crank bros and time are not my cup of tea, its only because they seem to give me maybe six months of ride time and they blow up. I think I might have one pair of times left in my garage that are blown up, if anyone wants them, they are yours.

  15. Good God, what are you doing to those pedals? I’ve got 5-6 year old Candies and Mallets that are good as new.

  16. I finally gave up on Speedplay after repeated self-disassembly issues. Once I got past gagging on the cost, I loves me some D-A pedals.

  17. …if anybody’s still payin’ attention, happy thanksgiving !!!…

    …pedal that, motherfuckers…now, i’m going to work…no rest for the wicked…

  18. i have several pair of eggbeaters. gnome gave me a pair i used for mohican. i wanted some of gnome on my voodoo for that race. i have another pair ive had for 3 seasons of cx, a pair of candies i have on my fixie, and my times for road have lasted 2+ years. the pair i had before that were dominics and we had them for 5+ years.

  19. “…if anybody’s still payin’ attention, happy thanksgiving !!!…”

    I’ll second that.

    Gooble gooble gooble.

    Yes. I know it’s spelled wrong. Old joke with a friend.

    Get over it.

    Happy T-Day people.

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