Virginia MTB trail

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Waking up to the video below made this day seem like it was starting out alright (credit to Dicky for posting before me).  While drinking a cup of coffee, I watched, was impressed, inspired, and hopeful for the progress and maturation of mountain biking.  For all the talk about trails being closed, bikes still being banned in Wilderness Areas, its pretty cool to see that mountain bikers can go out into the woods, and piece together a mountain bike trip on some great trails (and from the looks of it have the entire trip occur on legal trails).

The recognized  trail system these hearty souls seems to be thinking to create (I’m not sure if that is the case, I’m just hoping it is), similar to the Arizona Trail, and Colorado Trail, are great, and leave open the possibility for mountain bikers to test their physical and mental endurance if they so choose to ride the entire  route in one shot.  With the addition of multiple access points, the chance to simply get away for a long day or a long weekend are perfect to clear all the clutter out of your head.  Pick up your most recent issue of Dirt Rag, and read more about one of the “shorter” trails out there, AZ’s Black Canyon Trail, and a mention of an idea for a similar long distance trail in New York.  I big thumbs up to the crew in Virginia who had the vision to make this trip happen, and I can only hope that this becomes a recognized trail system.

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  1. I have to say they have some awesome trails in Virgina, though I don’t recommend stopping at a locals house to get directions. As you might find a shotgun pointed at your face.. Not much different than Arizona in that respect.

  2. Was born in Harrisonburg. My parents grew up in Strausburg. This is something I must do before I leave this clusterfuck of a world. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is awesome! Glad to see new trails linking up all over the country.

    Just wanted to share a little of our own Long trail system with the PRE-Holiday travelers –

    The “Ozark Trail” in Missouri (

    Today we have 364 miles of trail and 273 of those miles are open to bikes, all remote ozark woodlands. The longest point to point section open to bike is ~120 miles. One section is the Berryman Trail (IMBA Epic). Psst it’s all singletrack.

    If your passing through Missouri on I-44,I-55 hit the OT or need to spin the pedals passing through St. Louis – 85 miles of Singletrack scattered about the metro area – Check out locals
    ( A shout out on the forum will probably find you a ride guide.


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