From Austin to England. Videos for the Weekend

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First up is a feel good video that our friend JimmyC sent over. It has some bmx, it has some cross, and some other stuff..

*This may be a work of fiction. I have never seen a cute girl playing bike polo around these parts. But apparently Austin has one.


Bikemonger Charlie sent me this one, and I think he might be on to something.


La Dispute has been in steady rotation in my ears while riding lately. So here is a video. Because I like it.

YouTube Preview Image

Those little hipsters rock my face off. This song gets me up hills.

Lastly, a video with everbody’s favorite youtube sensation. This time with zero riding: 17 questions with Danny MacAskill

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13 thoughts on “From Austin to England. Videos for the Weekend

  1. tip from a native austin cyclist: Austin has plenty of ladies most fair on the bike and into polo or single speed or cross or bmx or roadie riding.

  2. bike polo is like karaoke… just won’t die. so Dirty when we gonna have a Boulder’s polo team?

  3. I, officially, declare the 90s reopen for interpolation:

    Refer to the comments on this one:


    And the new stuff:


  4. Well, I actually know Kris Elkington in the first video, I’ve met the cat from T1, and 9th Street Park is one of the coolest dirt jumping areas around, so I’m gonna’ guess the cute girl playing bike polo is real… Although, “Hardcore Bicycle Polo”? Really?

  5. hey! thanks for sharing this vid!
    a bit of clarification for “el jefe”…i said “HardCOURT bicycle polo”. we play on concrete courts, not grass fields. you should check it out. it’s HUUUGE in london, loads of lovely ladies playing too. they just hosted a Ladies Mostly (at least two gals per team) tournament Oct 15-16.
    And to JUDI, I organized and hosted (and played) the most recent Ladies Army in ATX and had the honor of meeting Quinn and am the reason she now plays on her new Fleetvelo Joust polo bike! She rocks.

  6. hey mo! right the fuck on! she whooped my ass on the courts for sure. the city of cincinnati just build a brand new bike polo court. you need to come out for a visit and kick some ass! check out cincinnati HARDCOURT on the facebooks.