Tuesdays with Dirty: Confrontations, Cowards, and the Strength of the DC Family

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A few weeks ago, I had heard some rumors about me. I’m never one to beat around the bush so I decided to confront the guy who I thought may be the source. Come to find out, it was all a big misunderstanding and there was no issue. But this guy said something that has stuck with me ever since. “Thanks for talking to me about this. It’s refreshing. It seems like I am surrounded by nothing but cowards lately”

At first, I felt sorry for him because I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many wonderful people on a daily basis. But once I peered outside my circle, I started to notice what he was talking about. I guess it happens everywhere but I haven’t noticed it around me in a very long time. An average day in my world usually consists of nothing more than bikes, beers, and best friends

It is inevitable that life will occasionally get heavy and it gives you an opportunity to see things from a different angle. Last week I was heading to Flagstaff for a little fall riding in the hills. My phone rang  just as I was pulling in to the trail head. It was my sister informing me of a death in the family. Stunned, I hung up the phone. There was a bike in front of me, the air was cool and crisp, and I already had my shoes on. I did the only thing I knew to do, I rode. I rode so hard that my legs blew up after only two hours. After a solid session of singletrack therapy, I coasted back to the car and went to go find my friends.

I recruited two of my closest friends to hit the town with me on a Monday night, I needed a drink. As the evening progressed, I toasted and celebrated the life of a great man. We ran into the infamous Goldmember and we shot the shit about everything from Mexico to how special east coast, immigrant families are to us. That guy gets it. Then, just as we made the move from cheap wine to good tequila, a coward reared his ugly head. Some guy who I would never be able to pick out of a crowd said to me:

“I’m glad Big Jonny got hit by that car. He deserved it, he was probably drunk”

Full stop. How I acted after those words were said may have been an over reaction or even juvenile but at the end of the day, I look out for my friends like family. I don’t regret it, and now I have to deal with the blow back. Like this e-mail I got the next day:

“The next time you show your little bitch face around Flag you’d better watch your back”

Noted, but this all seems so silly and trivial to me after the past few days. Before I got my bad news, this was shaping up to be a weekend of epic proportions.  The plan was to go to a concert with my friend Turkey, who I met through this site. Then drive through the night to El Paso and do a 12 hour race put on by a guy that I also met through DC. It was also going to be my buddy MG’s first mountain bike race. I met MG a couple years ago through friends of this site. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Instead, I’m sitting in a cabin in upstate New York without a bike for six days. Miserable, because I left in too much of a hurry to pack one. A member of the bike29 crew that I met in Ireland jumped in to save the day. They offered to lend me a bike without hesitation and to give me a tour of the trails around Waterbury, VT. I snuck away from the family for a day and rode some sweet Vermont singletrack, it was just what I needed. I would never have this connection without knowing 40 Hands. And I never would have met 40 without being a part of this web site.

A borrowed bike with Stowe, VT in the background

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this amazing family what it is. We would be nothing without each and every one of you around the globe. When cowards and haters make noise, we shut them up. When one of us stumbles or suffers a loss, we get their back.  When it is Us vs. Them we look out for each other. I wish all cycling communities were like this.

It all leaves me searching for words. Bikes are cool, but they are just a gateway to what really matters. The amazing people that ride them. My glass is raised to you, friends. Thanks again.

keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

122 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: Confrontations, Cowards, and the Strength of the DC Family

  1. Thanks dirty and the DC family for hooking us up in El Paso. Everyone welcomed us and it was a great first mountain bike race. It was a bummer not to have you there riding with us but we think we did all proud. Glad you were able to be with your family. I think you’ll finally be able to get me on the dirt next time you’re in town.

  2. Much love to you too Dirty Dirty. Always keep it real, be true to yourself, build the bike community, and spread the DC love. Viva Mexico!!

  3. Dude, If you live in Az, land of Ed Hardy and ‘TAP OUT’ tees, birthplace os SB1080 and home of Maricopas most racist shitheel Shariff… You should expect more of that kind of shit.

    Not that its right or OK, just… If I was back in Texas, I’d expect to be gettin into shit every other day as well as all weekend long from redneck motherfuckers like that.

    Keep it real. Someone has to.

  4. Good on you Dirty,

    I raise my can of cheap Australian piss to you & commiserations on your loss.

    It’s probably a testament to all our legacies as to how we’re mourned & remembered once we’ve moved on.

    If people mourn your passing, I’d say that you did good in your life.

  5. When it’s us vs. them,you can always count on me
    When it’s us vs. them,it’s a global unity! -Lou Koller

  6. Should you ever venture over to ‘God’s Own Country’, we’ll happily show you the trails, shoot the s**t, (not to mention the uisge-beatha), and generally attempt to drink all the bars dry. Two Wheels, One Brotherhood. (Actually I couldn’t think of a non-sexist, generic term that meant the same, but the thought was there). As to the assholes, the world’s full of them, and they are clearly the shallow end of the gene pool, but, ‘What are you gonna do about it…Whack the guy?’….Keep it real and pumping out the vibes, I’m off out on my bike. Grumskikorsakov

  7. Sorry for your loss,,, I to remember have to grieve all alone there in Flag for me it was my Grandma and alone a top of Snowbowl..
    This DC family is strong and we seem to all have each others backs..
    This spring visiting the Vally of the Sun I was Loaned a Bike to Ride By Yuri B ,, and got to do a killer ride up in Flagtown with Gnome all folks meet through here….
    Stay strong and ride hard,,,, Party ON!!

  8. …as juvenile as it may be tell that douche bag who threatened you that he should watch his back everywhere else! There’s no excuse for bull$hit like that. I would have gone off too…

  9. It seems dirty has some hardcore roots. I grew up on that stuff and never grew out of it. I have been reading this site for a long time but…never been a drinker. I guess you can blame Ian Mackaye for that. But it’s good to hear that that kind of music with a positive message is not just heard by the hardcore kids. Sorry for the loss of someone you care about. Family is where it’s at. Music family, beer family, bike riding family, I don’t care about the common denominator, just that family exists.

  10. Real life crap has a wonderful way of putting the fake life crap in perspective. If it were not for the network of ski and bike friends around me, I would not have made it these past 2 years through a foreclosure, eviction, extended sickness and ultimately the passing of my wife followed by the death of my dog…all in 3 months time. The folks that follow this two wheeled catharsis “get it” and take advantage of it every day. The moments I’ve had where things got bad, I forced myself to get on a bike. When I was not strong enough to force myself to do this…my friends helped me do it. Regardless of how bad a day I’ve had over the past 3 months….my ride always ends in a smile.

  11. Dirty – sorry for your loss. That’s a heavy hit and you rode with as good as any could.

    Why anyone would say anything like what that individual did is beyond me. Sometimes certain reactions are justified. Whatever you did, I probably would have done the same.

    Something tells me that individual probably has no idea how isolated they are in their own community.

    Keep rolling.

  12. Douchebags gonna’ be douchebags. Sounds like you’ve got a good support system there, so I wouldn’t worry about it. As you said there’s much more important things going on. I don’t know you, but you’re part of this pill party, and post some pretty good stuff, so you’re always welcome in central TX

  13. Fuck em all – Dickwads are everywhere just like the shmuck generalizing AZ folks with bad facts in this response list.

    Head UP & wheels DN Bro

  14. I’ve never even seen your back and I’m there (here) for you DIrty. I love your words, pics, and links. We will raise a glass someday, somewhere. Oh yeah, and ride bikes too!

    From up in the DC office here in good ole’ Harrisburg (Camp Hill) PA.

  15. hey rabid. I ride to my trails in big bad evil phoenix and you are welcome to join me any time. But my truck also takes me to many trailheads all over this fine country. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. When that doesn’t cut it, I sometimes take one of them there newfangled airplanes, or maybe a bus, or a train. Geewhiz. one time I even took a float plane. Man, I’m such a douchebag for that.

  16. Sorry for your loss sir. Good on you for getting back east to be with family and friends, wish you had more time, it’d be great to see you and get you out for some more trail time.

    Gonna snow this week, hope you’re gonna be around long enough to see it!

    Cowards? Fuck ’em, they’ll get what’s coming in the end, they always do…..

  17. Yeah, I’m in that line, with all the others. I’ve never personally met bj, but I would have gone off too. Because I’ve met some of my best friends through this site…people I would have never otherwise met. And that would have been a huge loss.

  18. Rabid Local sounds like one of those guys who thinks the trails belong to him because he rents an overpriced apartment near the trailhead.

    I gotta drive to a trailhead now. Used to be able to ride to them, but now I gotta drive because, you know, I gotta live in a place where I can make a living. Guess I’m a douchebag too.

  19. @D2, and I’ll bet he’s never done a lick of trail-work to keep said trails open. Doesn’t understand that earning your turns involves more than being a “local”…

  20. in lieu of being a dick, Rabid ought to consider how fortunate he is to be living where he does with the ability to do what he does.

    After all, he is no less vulerable to the neglect of motorists than the rest of us.

    And while nobody is deserving of such a fate, no one is more deserving that one who projects hate unto others.

  21. …it’s literally moronic to read the childish shit that guys like ‘rabid lowlife’ & the original insulter of gianni & dirty b put out there for people to see…

    …step back, guys & take a serious look at what you’re ‘repping’ when you open your mouth…i mean, really ???…are you impressing yourselves ???…your small minded friends ???…there can’t be anybody else…

    …that’s some fucked up shit on your own heads, yeah ???…

    …just sayin’…

  22. Hey dirty, I’ve met you a couple times up here in flag and as a local, I got your back anytime don’t let a chump keep you from shredding up here. You are always welcome, dc has a big family.cheers to ya and keep it dirty!

  23. Hey, all. Just remember Jesus loves you all. He died for everyone’s sins. If you have a gay uncle or two, or even gay aunts. He loves them too. If you swilled like a gallon or two of beer last night, you will feel His love in the am too. Now, Jesus thinks people who talk crap really suck, but He will love them too. As a true AZ born lover of Jesus, I have always been in love with the trails of the NE.

  24. D2 and el bosso – living where one does is a deliberate choice. you pay the price or the price pays you. you decide spore. and i’ve done more trail werk they you two combined. in fact, the trails you like to ride your overpriced carbon alum bikes are likely ones i helped build years ago. show some respect. and if you knew said locus of trailheads, you’d know that there are no overpriced apts to rent nearby. i own my house, bitch.

  25. @33, wow, you can get into a pissing match on the intardwebs. You were being a punk-assed ninny bitch and got called out on it. Move on and don’t be a dick next time.

  26. “An average day in my world usually consists of nothing more than bikes, beers, and best friends”

    That’s about as good as it gets my friend…you are truly blessed.

    Mike in SLC

  27. @Rabid Local: I bow down to you. You are certainly a better man than I am because you have navigated this world with more bravery, fortitude, and obvious humility. I can only hope to emulate your greatness. Someday I, too, hope to be able to buy my own home near a trailhead and claim my self-righteousness with the trail gods.

    And since you built all the trails I have ridden in my life, and since I have done EXACTLY zero trailwork–you seem to know so much about me! And so accurately!–I owe you. Big time. Where can I send you a check for my life savings? No, never mind. Instead, I should send you all of my overpriced carbon-alum bikes (whatever the fuck those are)..would you like my dog and wife, too? I owe you so much. How can I ever repay you?

    Or…you can just suck my balls.

  28. Apparently he built all the trails in the country. Even ones I helped build? Thanks for the help. He’s also made sure that it’s possible to ride to every trailhead from anywhere. Verily, he is magical. I wonder if he could magically transport me to Idaho, so that I could ride the Sawtooth system again, or to NorCal, so that I can ride the Rim Trail (or Grouse Ridge, or Boggs…), or to Arkansas, so that I can ride the Womble.

    He must not travel very much, since people driving from other places to ride something different than what they usually ride offends his sensibilities. Maybe he’s one of those people that thinks that catching rides means you don’t ever use a car? It’s funny he wants people to show him some respect for his huge (or none, it’s unclear) contribution to the sport, but certainly didn’t come into this by showing any respect. Douchebag.

  29. I’d like to ride to the nearby trails, but I’d probably get shot at. Instead, I’ll be driving to the airport, flying ten thousand miles, then riding away. And part of your hard-earned tax dollars will be paying for me to do it, rabid, so suck it.

    We got your back, dirty.

  30. Oh gawd. Turtles have surfaced. This post has turned to shit.

    Wait. No it hasn’t. Rabid Local turned it to shit long ago.

    What an asshole.

  31. Turtle Pirates don’t need no saving!

    Now if LJ will just point us in the direction of a villainous pothole & evil stop sign.

  32. mitch@ 29 – thanks for the well wishes. nobody, however much disliked, should be “wished” to be hit by a car. fuck you. and D2 @ 37 – I already had your wife and she was utterly unimpressive. what kind of dog do you have? just because i hate everything that is Phoenix is simply my opinion… and i’ll continue to express it! Living there is a deliberate choice and for that you cannot be forgiven. really, you’re talking about two different states and cultures. succession?

  33. @Rabid Local: I’d make some idle threat about what you just said about my wife, but then I just have to keep in mind that you just spoke like someone who’s never gotten laid in his life.

    And I don’t live in Phoenix, fuckstick.

    I’m done with you.

  34. I want one of those carboluminum bikecycles.

    DB: I don’t know you except through your stuff on here. But my sympathies on your loss.

    I was waiting to see what BJ had to say…
    (sorry, BGW, I borrowed an ellipse. I’ll bring it back tomorrow)

  35. Rabidlocal wins “Toughest Guy on the Internet”- wonder if he’s willing to say his name.

  36. …trailer park cyclist…no need to return that ellipsis, amigo…

    …it was used in support of one of our own & therefor it was put to good use…

    …i’m sure ‘rabid lowlife’ is a badass legend in his own mind ‘cuz he’s willing to take on all us pussies but he’s so over the top, it doesn’t really matter…

    …truth is, even his friends are gonna look at his shit some day & go, “dude, why are you always acting like a dick ???…it ain’t bad-ass, it’s just stupid-ass shit…wake the fuck up !!!”

    …maybe he’ll get it, maybe he won’t but i’m betting there’s a ‘rude awakening’ waiting for him somewhere down the road…

  37. Awesome!!

    LJs been so quiet, but now we have, (Tadaah!!), RabbitLoco!

    All together,

    ‘Lighten up, Francis II’

  38. Rabid Local,

    Tell us your real name, bro! Sounding pretty tough here, so let us know who you really are.

  39. Yes, everyone “standing in line to back someone up”, everyone talking about kick’in ass, everyone calling someone else a coward, please post your real name, photo and address, then you’all can sort this out.

    Let the slap fighting begin!!!

  40. I don’t want to know his real name. Don’t want to “meet” to sort it out. He doesn’t sound like the kind of guy I want to waste my time on. In fact, having given him this much attention kind of makes me feel like it’s time to end this conversation.

  41. D2, don’t ruin it. We could have a modern day “The Quick and The Dead” if we can just get all the killers to come out.

  42. Funny thing is that I know who you are Rabid Local, add to that I know who said “I’m glad Big Jonny got hit by that car. He deserved it, he was probably drunk”

    I made two phone calls and found out both of your names, and I still cant believe it. What happened to you guys?

  43. Boys.

    I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

    And I’m all outta bubble gum.

    Wait. No I’m not. I still have a pack.

    OK. Wait here. I’ll be right back. Don’t start the fight without me K ?

  44. I wonder if he doesn’t like Pistol Pete, who travels the world to ride trails.
    Met him a year or so ago in my neck of the woods, Fullerton, CA, getting ready to hit the train before he rolled to LAX to go to Ausie land for SSWC. That is a rider if I’ve ever seen one. Steel bike, and all he had for gears with all that weight he was carrying, was one of those Surly double cogs.
    I wish I had a car to get to some of the trails, with my Aluminum Guerciotti cross bike. I wish I could move too, but that takes money and finding a new job so I’m kinda of stuck here in CA. Oh yeah the girlie, who I love, makes more money than I do, and let’s me live my dream daily sacrificing the level of comfort she would like, so it seems kind of wrong since we’ve been together for so many years to ask her to just pack up and leave. So I guess it really isn’t a choice if I take others in to consideration for how much they sacrifice to keep me happy.
    Damn I wasn’t going to get into this pissing match, but couldn’t hold my breath anymore.

    “Dirty” sorry for your loss Everyone else keep your friends’ back in real life, keep the rubber side down, ride on, ride hard, ride whatever the fuck makes you happy, and remember if you ever get lost go uphill so that way when you figure out which way to go it’s all down hill.

  45. “mitch@ 29 – thanks for the well wishes. nobody, however much disliked, should be “wished” to be hit by a car. fuck you.”

    Rabid, buddy, pal. You’re reading into what I said with an awfully guilty conscience. At no point did I wish anything upon you. Go do something productive with your hate and spew on Lances blog or terrorize the local methheads.

    In any event, do your best to represent Boulder, CO. It’s a fine town.

  46. We all have our anonymity here. Let Rabid have his, even if he is a douche. No one needs to know where he lives or who he is.

  47. I have not spent the time to read all the comments, so sorry if I am restating something. But my wife was diagnosed with cancer this past February and our friends circled to support us like no one’s business. Our friends are as close (if not closer) than blood and I will stand toe to toe for any of them. I am sorry for your family’s loss, but hopefully you will find some extra strength in the support of your friends. They know that you will provide them strength when they are in a time of need.

  48. Wait a minute: you mean all you guys are using fake names? I wondered about that. I just figured your parents were hippies or mad scientists or weirdos. Me, I’m Tim Joe Comstock, the Trailer Park Cyclist. Anything you ever hear me say, I’ll back up. Oh, Crap, does this mean Judi is a fake name too? Fuck! Thank God I gave up on reality a long time ago.

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  50. “I have now heard both sides of the story and they do not mesh.”

    He said She said.

    How it works.

    I’d bet next months rent that db is the “He” in this situation.

    No offense judi.

  51. Awesome frames Steve, If I had shit loads of money I’d order one.

    Sadly, living down here in Hobbiton that’s not going to happen.

    However, (insert catch phrase here), “I Believe Dirty”.

  52. You guys rock. Thanks so much for all the positive energy. I hope each and every one of you have a great weekend of riding (even the haters)…
    See you out there. Enjoy the ride.

  53. OK. bj just tweeted that he had a vasectomy yesterday.

    Does that mean pics are soon to follow ?

    Cause if so I’m throwing this laptop out the window.

    Have a great ride db. Snowing like a mofo here in NJ so I’m hunkered down for the weekend. Ride one and drink one for me.

  54. I remember years ago, when vasectomies were a bit more major surgery than they are now, a friend being advised to put a small pack of frozen peas in his undies to reduce the swelling.

    He was advised not to use mixed vegetables because the diced carrots had sharp edges & could be uncomfortable.

    Needless to say, the pub went hysterical when he passed this advice on.

  55. Mrs. Joe hit menopause afew years ago. We doan’ need no steenkin’ vasectomy.

    Downside: Mrs Joe, going through the change. Joe’s kid, pms. The two of them at once. The horror. The horror.

  56. Mitch @63: Boulder? WTF, Dude? The Rabid Yokel ain’t there; not in the People’s Republic of Boulder. Come on, man! Most everyone here has a handle or alias. When you start trying to track people down, things are going to another level. I don’t think you (we) want to go there. Relax!

  57. trust me elgruppo, me no track nobody. didn’t need to. i don’t even have time for shinnanigans like that. info flows fast on these here intertubes. besides, nobody is truly anon and some just need to be reminded of that when brandishing the keyboard shield.


  58. WOOOOOOT! BJ got a vasectomy. i bet your wife is pretty stoked. birth control sucks. hormones are the worst. dominic had his when he was 22. that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

  59. Don’t get so excited, he could still pass along a case of the clap or crabs if he had it. If he does have it, he probably deserved it cause he almost certainly got it while drunk…

  60. uh oh, sounds like the truth has been revealed…someone threw a sucker punch but couldn’t admit to it…lol

  61. “…i know you are but what am i…infinity…”

    …doesn’t get any deeper than that…

    …thanks, btw, trailer park cyclist…somebody hadda make sense of all this…

  62. Whatever dirty, you can’t play the victim in your little bar altercation. Countless times I’ve seen you drunk, starting shit with somebody or talking shit to somebody. What goes around comes around and you sure can dish it out but you can’t take it. You’re a visitor when you’re in Flag, remember that.

  63. Awesome, this one is 88 responses before the Troll crawls out from under its rock!

    Not to mention that it’s all Flagstaff, locals rule.


  64. …no nads…i mean, ‘no, nads…don’t stir up more shit !!!’

    …just sayin’…

  65. Actually, I didn’t like this post from the start. Dirty deserves our sympathy for his personal loss and this post showed he was having a great deal of trouble in a tough time.

    Lashing out certainly happens in tough times and can be easily ignored and forgiven. Assaulting someone is obviously a bad move and beyond juvenile.

    Now we have Nad, getting right down to one of the major points, being a drunken shit starter. Being a drunkcyclist sounds fun enough, I generally don’t drink and ride at the same time. Just being an angry, obnoxious drunk at the local bar (especially in a small town) is nothing but a pain in everyone else’s ass. Do it enough times and you’ll get served.

  66. WOW!

    So everyone- let’s see if I can bring us all together as one big loving cyclist family and at the same time motivate us to represent in a better manner?

    How many of us have heard some fuckstick say “Cyclists are a bunch of pussies” or “Give me a break, cycling is not a real sport”. EVERY ONE OF US. Has it pissed us all off? YES

    Now, let’s go back and look at a vast majority of the responses to this post. Don’t we as ‘cyclists’ look like a bunch of pussies slinging shit at each other over the Interweb?

    Bottom Line- Someone suffered a loss. In trying to make sense of the loss and gain comfort by riding his bike and throwing back a few, another individual who probably had no idea of Dirty’s loss (or perhaps he did catch wind of it at this establishment and still decided to make the comment about Big Jonny), decided to throw salt on Dirty’s emotional wounds. Yes, how one could wish for someone to ‘deserve’ pain, suffering and a changed life upon someone is unfathomable.

    HOWEVER, then the responses turn to people bleeding into their tampon (no sexist degradation intended Judi) and chest beating over who built/maintained what trails, whose ‘hood is better than another’s, and then degrading into suggestions of sleeping with another’s wife (I’m hoping it was prior to the marriage, if it actually did happen and if it did, keep the shit to yourself).

    Look at this/us! This only fuels to the fucking hatred fire of noncyclists/individuals who propose that we are all a bunch of whiny pussies who participate in an activity that isn’t a ‘true sport’.

    I’ve never met a single one of you personally. HOWEVER, I consider every one of you a ‘friend’ because of the (supposition) that you are all fans of cycling as an activity and a SPORT.

    Can we possibly show some solidarity and humanity here and put this to rest? I don’t believe in censorship, but possibly the admins of this site need to consider deleting or invisibly archiving this particular entry and comments.

  67. I was done with this as well until Nads chimed in…

    Apparenly, Nads is incapable of getting to know somebody. Given the “countless times (he has) seen (dirty) drunk”… He hasn’t a clue about the man.

    Dirty is an everyone’s friend kind of guy. He judges nobody and lays all his cards on the table. Which is probably why he reacted the way he did to somebody full of hate. Eradicate Hate.

    As it turns out, he is the only one who is man enough to acknolwedge what he did was wrong in a public forum before anyone even had the chance to accuse him. I guess this is what Nads considers “playing the victim”.

    Something else for these small minded persons to consider: If you’re going to open your mouth and pull a punch, you better be ready to receive it. Then consider it a lesson learned and move on. You asked for it and you got it.

    Neither should have done what they did, 2 negatives don’t make a positive, and more negatives don’t get anyone any closer to winning that big prize of nothing.

    So go ride you bikes.

  68. Jeezum Christmas, what are some of you guys, 12?

    Don’t know you, know Flag in many disparate peripheral ways that would likely bore you. Love it anyway, jealous that those of you who do, get to live there.

    Grow the hell up and at least try to act like an adult.


    As for what Mitch said about Dirty? Yep, to a T.

  69. “average day in my world usually consists of nothing more than bikes, beers, and best friends” you are so blessed to have this. Loneliness can sap energy and cause hope loss, but some of us can persevere. Been cold here in NH lately, and I had no idea that you were only an hour away. I know those trails in Stowe – some of the best in the northeast. Did you talk to the guy from Irie Cycles? Great scene up there, but if you want to live in Stowe, you gotta be old family or uber-rich.

    More to life than Flagstaff… absolutely right. And for me, more to life than Tucson, where my anger at systemic failure grows, my only outlet to ride back and forth across the auto-centric wastes.

    An average day for me, lately, involves wrenches, mud, and wet cold feet… and then the saving grace – a fine woodstove and a glass of Irish whiskey or wine. Methodist Hill Road is one hell of an ass kicker climb, something that makes everything in Seattle seem easy. It’s steep and bumpiest in the steepest parts, and on my only current bike (yes, down to ONE BIKE) an aluminum M2 with ancient tubular wheels, I hang on tight over those bumps coming back down, another day of not getting finished at maintenance camp: A field full of old rigs, two of them now mine. My arms are getting stronger than my legs, relatively. Chicken fat on my cut up knuckles is like slaking desert thirst. Friends… forgetting what it’s like to have them. Someday might I get some again? I seem to think that clawing my way out of this situation will I find myself open to that. There’s snow on the ground, and the sun shines today. It is so much better for me than 110 degree heat. I’m in NH now, got new carharts with double knees.

  70. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I removed, rebuilt, and re-installed a C6 automatic transmission in my F250. You never want to have to do that.

  71. I never want to as much as pull a dipstick. God, how I hate working on cars. Thank God I have someone to do that whom I trust.

  72. …littlejar…i swear, you’re straight out of a john steinbeck novel & that, sir, is no insult…

    …despite our past internet encounters, if we were ever in the same place at the same time, i’d certainly buy you a shot & beer or a glass of wine, amigo…

    …being as i’m a lightweight imbiber myself, it’d prob’ly be just be the one but it’d be an honest effort on my part…

  73. I’d drink all y’all under the fucking table.

    And fuckin’ A I’d pick up the tab.

  74. Beer? Who said anything about beer? What I had in mind was Bourbon, neat.

    Although there’s many an astounding microbrew produced in this land so richly blessed. Try a few and you might abandon your prejudice.

  75. …joe’s right, hurben…when you talk about a lotta the ‘usual’ swill advertised on tv, ya, you’re talking ‘shit beer’ but if you look around, you’d be delighted with the plethora of substantial & tasty brews…

    …just one of many but red tail ale, a tribute to our local red tail hawks, from the mendocino brewing company, originally outta hopland, california is a perfect example…now that is smooth & tasty & satisfies @ 6.1%…

    …show me a man or women who enjoys a good beer & if they don’t appreciate it’s rich goodness, they’re prob’ly workin’ on some kinda pretentious agenda…

    .just sayin’…

  76. Within driving distance we got:

    Mountaneer Brewery-Martinsburg WV

    Clipper City-Baltimore MD

    Flying Dog-Frederick MD

    Troegs-Harrisburgh PA

    Troegs brews a seasonal beer that is one of my favorites around this time of year-Mad Elf. Brewed with cherries and honey and 14% ABV. It’ll knock your dick in the dirt.

    In Lyons, CO (which most definitely is NOT within driving distance) is Oskar Blues. They put their beer up in cans. But it absolutely is NOT “canned beer”. Old Chub, a Scottish ale the color of chocolate, will win over those who claim not to like “dark beer”. Dale’s Pale Ale is as good as the stuff gets. But my personal favorite is Gordon’s beer, billed as “Big. Red. Sticky.” I balked alittle when I saw it was $14/4 pack, but by the third sip I was wonderin who would be crazy enough to sell anything so good for so cheap.

    And that’s just afew. There are microbreweries everywhere, doing it right.

  77. @Sparky & BGW,

    gotcha, I was talking from 10 years ago when I would fly in, (if I never see LAX again it’d be too soon), get to Chicago, work 16 hour days integrating our software with the local teams for a month & then fly back home again.

    Go to dinner in some God forsaken shithole & the only beer that I could stomach was Heineken.

    Times have changed, even NZ is blessed with many Micro & craft breweries as well.

    Spirits, I haven’t drunk any form of spirits in over 30 years, (yes I was as shocked as you are when I realized that).

    Take care out there.

  78. we’ll know DC has made it big when a low life wearing a DC t-shirt is arrested on an episode of Cops.

  79. Other than some fartknocker who sideswiped my bike in his car, then claimed I KICKED his p.o.s, car, then, that night, showed up at my house, tried to force his way in, terrorized my neighbor (Mrs. Neighbor akshoololly; neighbor was at deer camp) I ain’t punched nobody in ages.

    Is because most folks just know instinctively that I fucking WILL, aifinkso.


  80. @107-You couldn’t find decent grub? In CHICAGO, ffs? Waddya, some fucking vegan?

  81. “Is because most folks just know instinctively that I fucking WILL”

    Don’t be bragging for silly reasons joe. Just having a decent height/weight stops 95% of problems. I’m 6′ 240 lbs. The average guy will not mess.

    But that said, I ain’t been in a fight since like ’85 ??

    And even in my prime I sucked at fighting. I won most fights but that was only cause I could take a hit. The other guy would wear out and I’d stomp him.

    Thank Dear Ol’ Dad for that.

    And yea. Hurben. If you could not find decent grub/beer in Chi-town, you didn’t look hard enuf.

  82. No brag. Just fact. I just roll how I roll. Folks don’t say shit and they give me plenty of room. And yeah, I’m a comfirmed Clydesdale, but it ain’t about how big you are. It’s how you carry yourself. Heck, I got buddies half my size that command respect.

  83. For any dc’s that are in the Clydesdale weight category…you ain’t shit for fighting for the reason tripleF says. You have to fight up a few weight classes to earn anything, and I’m guessing that gets hard at that size.

    Shit, being a giant and having a threatening posture doesn’t prove anything other than you are a mean giant. Read Jack and the bean stalk again.

  84. “you ain’t shit for fighting for the reason tripleF says.”

    I’m a lover not a fighter. Even back then I strayed away from it. But fights did happen.

    I was lucky enuf to be sizable enuf to avoid most of the BS.

    Not sure where you’re coming from Yoro except for the innate bitterness that seems to pour out of you. Especially when it comes to db. What happened ? He bang your wife or something ?

    @joe. A wise man once said: It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

    I understand that. In person. But just walking in to a bar, being a Clydesdale is a benefit.

    You gotta admit that man.

  85. 3F, You can’t even agree with anyone on here (as I just did with you) without someone saying your wife got banged. And of course if you disagree it is always worse…so fuck you!!! Lol, you are a puck, just a big punk.

    Seriously, I am trying to swear off DC until next Tour, just failing at doing it. And of course, during the Tour, you can’t like a rider that others don’t like or you get accused of someone banging your wife.

  86. @ Sparky & TripleF,

    Yep, there were shit loads of good food joints, but at $25 a day for expenses, we couldn’t afford them, plus we were being paid in NZ dollars, not American, I did not do that job to become poorer, (that came later).

    Yep, outsourcing of ‘American jobs to cheap offshore labor’

  87. @YoRo,

    now we’re getting into Shakespeare & Midnight summers dream

    I’m impressed, this thread is becoming classy.

  88. I never claimed to be a badass. Far from it, actually. Simply that it’s been my observation that mostly and for whatever reason, folks tend to leave me alone. And that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh).

    Hurben, I hear you on the skimpy per diem. Worked out of town awhile for a company that did its employees that way. Never again.

  89. Balls.

    I know a lot of bad-ass MF’s. They’re all in prison, right now. I’m glad they are there. Those of you who own homes and talk shit on the internet…well, the real bad-asses only have some vague idea that computers exist and that those computers have something to do with how they got caught. You little munchkins don’t want even half of the half-assed shit that is going on right outside my trailer park front door right now to happen in your neighborhood. This ain’t a personal attack, I’m just telling you that however tough you think you are, if you are on here, you ain’t. It’s just a matter of days until I ain’t either. Yer bddy tj