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30 Replies to “Willow is having a baby, congrats!”

  1. Threesome ??

    That would be me, Sarah Palin and Snooki.

    That would be the best night of my life, the worst night of my life, OR the last night of my life.

    I’m guessing number 3.

  2. …i gotta feeling she’d kill ya after the first lick…understandably so…

    …just sayin’…

    …& palin & snookie, huh ???…amigo, you are a glutton for punishment…

    …sheesh !!!…

  3. only this crowd could take a simple pregnancy and turn it into threesomes, dirty politics, and jersey shore. i think there was some licking too.

  4. …so, ahhh, rose…i’m guessin’ you’re sayin’ you made a good choice with dc, huh ???…

  5. …hurben…nice to know there’s always a few job opportunities in case things don’t work out, ya ???…

  6. I wish I would have taken a photo of my wife with the same camera angle. Beautiful, memorable, full of grace and why God created women. Thank you for the share.

  7. @YoRo

    Checking out her website and seeing how buff she is eliminates any possibility of a lick-fest. I’d flat out never catch her. So she will never know the fun she’s missed out on and I get to live another day.


    Come on. Close your eyes and just imagine….Palin on yer left. Snooki on yer right. Ya ?? I can’t be the only one who see’s the potential.

  8. bullshit burt. most women i know who have babies come back faster. and harder. you try shoving an 8lb baby out of your vagina and rest your legs for as many months and you will be more bad ass than you ever thought possible.

  9. Judi – Most?

    Most women NEVER look as good as they did before kids. Some look better, and they’re the minority.

    I said “fair chance”…and I stick by that statement.


  10. @burt – i said most women i know – and i am talking about athletes – come back stronger and more bad ass than ever. a lot of women who have kids end up sitting on their asses getting fat. willow has muscle memory. her legs aren’t going to forget she’s a bad ass when she returns to the bike.

  11. Plus, for a couple of months after giving birthn she will have more hormones in her body than an italian pro tour team in the 90’s…

  12. when it comes to being obnoxious assholes most guys in here are rank amateurs.
    I’d put my tongue so deep into her I could tell what sex the baby is.
    out asshole that fuckers.

  13. Despite the vitreol, and ill humour, I must say “Congratulations”. Please do think of the child’s health and so do drink and mountain bike at your leisure. If you smoke, I recommend Maryjuanner, as that and whiskey tends to bring about the best proginy one could desire. They are simple, obedient, and easily trained. God bless yuh, and hopefully ya gots pregnant be one o the real Americuns, not them dang invaders frum Englund n such.OK, really, dont lose weight, keep your eyes on the thighs, and get back to the dirt ASAP. Blessings.

  14. To Frank…

    A lady with what looks like a lightsaber handle with a condom on, did something like that to my girlfriend this morning… She was a rank amateur compared to you, she could only tell us about “it’s” small beatty heart.

  15. …time for a ‘pregnant pause’

    …it has come to my attention, as it has to a few of you but it’s not yet been properly chronicled in these pages, (ahem, gnomer…while i respect your lowered profile perhaps you might care to lead the discussion ???) but the 2015 world fucking road championships are coming to richmond, virginia…

    …thas a’ pretty big deal, ya ???…

    …okay, back to pampers & feeding & nap times…remember, even though the kid hasn’t been born yet, it’s never too early to register in a good pre-school…