All Crossed Up

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I have received a ton of text messages, tweets, phone calls, and facebooks from all over the country today. They all had to do with some sort of cyclocross race or another. I think it’s safe to say that this may be opening weekend for cross season in the United States. Being from the Northeast, I know the excitement this brings.  It’s that last gasp of fun before the inevitable winter hell sets in. Each race weekend gets colder than the last until finally its time to hang up the race bikes and grab the skis.

Today in Arizona it was 95 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. After living through the hottest August on record, 95 seems downright comfortable. I even got to ride the mountain all the way up until 9am today. So as you can imagine, cross is the furthest thing from my mind.  That is of course, until I saw this:

YouTube Preview Image

…and now I can’t stop laughing.  Thanks to bikehugger. for the video. Don’t worry, Joey is OK.

This got me thinking. I own a cross bike and Caveman and myself will be at SSCXWC in November. I probably should do a couple races this year. Come to find out there is an Arizona Cross Series ( fb ). The first race is on October 15th, the same day as Tour de Fat.  I think some racing would really round out that day. Especially after what happened last year.

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25 Replies to “All Crossed Up”

  1. 1st time ive smiled all day. i love cx videos. especially the crashes. you should do it. it’s only 30 minutes and it’ll blow your heart away.

  2. Ditry, you bastard you have done it again. I just sprayed good quality $8.00 a sixes micro brew all over my laptop. Why do you do that?
    keep doing that.
    never stop

  3. …SSCXWC is on my b-day dude – you will race or I will kick you in the nuts – then we drink…

  4. OK. I have literally watched this 20x.

    His form while sailing thru the air is perfect. Nadia Comaneci herself could not have pulled that off.

    Joey. You are my hero.

  5. 2nd week in of cyclocross this weekend in London and next weekend is the world’s maddest cx race in the 3 peaks point to point race over some huge mountains in the North of England.

  6. For every percentage that this video is awesome, the still photo of Joey Mullen in mid-flight is something exponentially greater. Joey doesn’t even know how famous he has become. There is already talk of getting the image turned into a t-shirt as well as being used as an ad. It is a thing of wonder.
    PS Joey IS really ok. We were talking during the GP and he was out and racing as well.

  7. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    I was laughing so hard that I lost the ability to speak. Just little wheezes and big tears…

    That video is 10 kinds of AWESOME.

  8. Interesting.

    The original I give an easy 10.0.

    The slow-mo version is barely a 5.0.

    If I didn’t understand perspective before I do now.

  9. An absolute gem among the “walk it off champ, rub some dirt on it” school of sporting endeavor.

  10. His name is Joey Mullan. Look for him on FB. Also, a writer for CX mag. Great guy… LOVES CX!!!