think about winning.

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it’s a twisty world. shit’s always in the way – stairs, benches, walls, curbs, hair. jump over it all and spin around and make your hangerbars swing really fast around.

these guys’ brass is so damned heavy it boils ocean water as it sinks. because of how fast it sinks. the friction makes the water hot. it’s a metaphor for big nuts, but it involves the ocean now. very obtuse. use your brain.

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Garrett Reynolds made a new company. Thanks, Garrett. Happy weekend, everybody.

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9 Replies to “think about winning.”

  1. Crankworx what…? That was nuts. One question though. Why has the lack of a lid remained part of the BMX culture? I see head injuries far too often in my line of work.

  2. “is it ???” said the doubter…

    “it is !!! said the positive man…

    “it ‘ISJ’ what it ‘ISJ’ “ said the man with peanut butter in his mouth…