The Ginger Ninjas

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From: kipchoge
johnny, johnny, johnny,

You’re still at it an so am I. I can see the latest from you right here, and you can now see the latest from me right here, too. To wit:

My band, the Ginger Ninjas, tours by bicycle.

Our first tour (we’re now planning number 6), through Mexico in 2007-8, is the subject of an almost-done documentary called Stuck On Earth. It’s not a bike film, but a film-lover’s film with a real story arc, an almost impossibly difficult quest, a powerful but subtle eco message, and of course a rocking soundtrack. The film crew followed us for 6 months as we wove our way south to Chiapas and then back towards home, capturing the micro and macro of life on the Mexican road for a rock band on cargo bikes.

I’m raising the last bit of money to finish it on Kickstarter, and we are offering lots of unique rewards for people who back the project, including an Xtracycle Radish family bicycle customized with the accessories we tour with (Ergon grips and pedals, Nutcase lid, Planet Bike lights), a stay on an eco-farm in Hawaii, a chance to tour with us in Mexico this year, and much more.

There are 9 days left in the all-or-nothing fundraiser.

Stuck on Earth:

Keep rocking your dark and dirty self.
formerly of xtracycle

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