Hammer time in Vegas

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John B. is getting his Vegas on. Recommends a spot called the Freakin’ Frog. Sounds good to me.

From: John B.
Subject: hammer time in Vegas
…just in case you need a break from drinking & gambling…


…I actually rode it through the Casino while trying to take it up to the room – I wasn’t about to leave a brand new Superfly on top of the car in Vegas of all freakin’ places – thing would disappear faster than free drinks at the craps table…no one even seemed to notice me and I even stopped to play a couple of slots on the way…fun stuff…sorry I wasn’t rockin’ a DC sticker though…


…just want to give a shout-out to the guys at All Mountain Cyclery in Boulder City for tipping us to some awesome riding in Bootleg Canyon – and my friends at the Freakin’ Frog in Vegas – a great piece of off-the-strip sanity (way off the strip by UNLV – 4700 S. Maryland) with over 1200 beers (!). When you get tired of the Casino Clusterfuck jump in a cab (do not ride your bike in Vegas unless you’re contemplating suicide) and head down to the Frog for some great beer and a complete absence of ass-baggery.

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7 Replies to “Hammer time in Vegas”

  1. “(do not ride your bikein Vegas unless you’re contemplating suicide”

    We do it all the time…you just have to drive to the edges of the city for great rides thru Red Rock, Blue Diamond, Mt. Charleston, or Lake Mead….all great locations for a good road ride……the only time I would ride near the strip is in next month’s RTC Viva Bike Vegas Century …Haven’t been to the frog in a while but it is a pretty good time. Enjoy vegas. If you’re only doing mountain bikes in Vegas you can check out Blue Diamond Bike Outpost located in the little town of Blue Diamond in Red Rock Canyon area

  2. My wife found the Frog for us last year during Interbike. 1200 beers is great, but if you go ask the barkeep for a trip up the stairs to the private room with over 800 choices of Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch!

  3. …that foto is so cool-y out of context it looks like a remake of ‘the shining’ with jack nicholson as a whacked out cyclist…


  4. awwww man, wish i was going. i remember riding gnomey’s bike down the hall at the venetion last year. we will DEF be there in 2012.

  5. Im in and out of Vegas all the time for work, and ride from the strip out of town to Red Rock, Blue Diamond etc. Rode Trails out of Blue Diamond on my cross bike last week..it was awesome!
    Alta rd. has a bike lane all the way from the strip to Red Rock…it helps having the space on the road! There is also the River mountains loop trail (road ride)..that starts out at the casino just West of Boulder city.
    Chris at the Blue Diamond Bike outpost has the map on a door in the shop.
    Thanks for pointing out a new bar for me! The Frog it is!

  6. I ride around Vegas every September at interbike. The east-west roads are better than the north-south roads. I park the car at the hotel and ride everywhere for duration.