Chad Beyer’s race wheels.

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My man Snake sent me a photo earlier this summer while I was studying for the bar exam with this text:

Chad says you built these wheels for him over 10 years ago.

Yep. His first set of tubs. FIR rims on White Industry hubs. Them shits is baller.


I’ve turned a wrench or two in my day. Chad was just a young kid back then. I think he was all of 12 years old.

That was then, this is now. He’s a pro with BMC. In 2010 he took home the green sprinters jersey at the Tour de Romandie. He rode his first Giro d’Italia this year. How ’bout them apples? You never know how things will turn out down the road. Good to see what he’s managed to accomplish in his career thus far.

We’re all super stoked for him.

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7 Replies to “Chad Beyer’s race wheels.”

  1. I love reading stories like this! Im currently doing a weekly bike camp/intro to mtb for kids and love seeing the excitement and expressions from the kids as they progress (my son included). One more session this week then a wknd bbq/schwag bag giveaway to wrap things up. There are some real athletes here and if the hockey doesnt take them out, I hope to be riding with them in the years to come…

  2. I love seeing stuff like this. Hand built wheels that just last and last. I have a set of Open pro’s on record hubs that I built three years ago that are just bomb proof. The guy who taught me how to build wheels John “Magilla” Coleman. Has a set of old Campy V’ section wheels on Record hubs he built like 12-14 years ago that he has only had to replace a spoke or two on.

  3. …nice to see the ‘kids’ grow into the sport, ya ???…

    …i remember offering simple encouragement to miles rockwell, who was this local ‘kid’ who had better bike handling skills than i could ever imagine…

    …when he looked like he might get serious about his down-hilling, i tried to get him on the fisher team but gary wouldn’t bite…

    …i claim nothing here except that i saw real potential, so it was awesome throughout the years to watch the local bmx kid grow into being a world champion…

  4. atta boy chad. i fondly remember slugging it out with him on the way out of bartlett lake before he went all euro pro. maybe i could beat him at golf?

  5. OK. I’ll be the bad guy here.

    Someone needs to give that kid a bowl of beans and rice.

    And I realize I’m a fat fuck and really shouldn’t be talking but…..Dayum that kid is skinny.

    Nice wheels tho.