Chasing Leprechauns on Foot

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After a big day of riding from the beach, I rolled into the town of Kilfinane a bit late in the evening on Friday. This quaint little micro town was going to be basecamp for a few days and where all the SSWC partying would take place. As I rode down the main street, somebody called me into a pub and the party began. Then Scandinavian Jesus rolled in a few minutes later directly from pre-riding the course. We caught up on each other’s trips, threw back a few pints, and then headed for camp. As we walked our bikes to the other side of town (about 200 yards) we came upon a running race about to start. Now, our friend SJ likes him some running. So after a bit of peer pressure and a quick registration, he got to the start line just in time. No warm up, a few beers deep, no real running shoes to wear, and no knowledge of how long the race was. He was off and running.

He killed it on the streets of Ireland for 5 miles, wearing all of his riding clothes which also included a DC jersey.




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7 Replies to “Chasing Leprechauns on Foot”

  1. Uhmmm. Did he win ??

    Cause it looks like even the babe in pink is beating his ass.

    Said beers and obvious idiocy not withstanding.

    Otherwise, good show.

  2. …it’s a race ???…

    …being in ireland, i thought it was a fucking prison break !!!…

  3. Prison break ??

    Naw. That would be Britain.

    On the Emerald Isle they are just sweating out the previous night’s libations.

    Trust me. I’m 1/2 Irish. I understand these things.