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Singlespeed Worlds 2011 is in the books. Local Irish boy, Niall Davis won for the men. And friend of DC and all around shredder,Heather Holmes won the women’s race. The trails were really fun, which almost made up  the fact that there were no beer or whiskey aid stations on course. We were moving a little slow this morning when the promoter came around camp and asked if we were going to the 11 o’clock mass. We politely declined and said we would be going to church instead. At the trails. We rode all afternoon clearing the head and loosening up the legs on the glorious trails of Ballyhoura. Here are a couple pictures of the winners from yesterday. I’ll put up some more stuff from the past few days once I get to a real city and internet connection. In the mean time, we are going to enjoy one more day of spinning through the Irish countryside.

Niall. He rode really fast.
Heather and her new tattoo


A proper pint from Ireland raised for Jeff. Ride on, hombre

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4 Replies to “SSWC11”

  1. So jealous I am of this story (although I would pass on 5k run) however I spent the weekend riding around Kendrick Mtn Area in Flagstaff with about 1000 other riders (seemed 600-700 had compression socks from the time they arrived in camp until they left in cars). Saw some DC jerseys and a couple of smaller fast guys doing a duo.

    More Pics???