Pictures from the road

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Between the riding, surfing, sleeping on the ground, and the hangovers…I’m beat. I don’t have much to say, but I do have a few pics to share.


I ran into some DC representatives at a bar in Limerick and we decided to go hunt for some singletrack. We didn’t find much trail but we did find some really cool country roads (and I sang country road, take me home).


We found this cool cave down some little trail in the middle of nowhere. So we decided to go in and have a look.



John in the DC pain cave?


My bike took me to yet another pub…


Apparently, even the fish enjoy a pint now and then.


The Cliffs of Moher are really just a bunch of cliffs. Good thing I snuck past the lady collecting 2 euros to see them.


I have come to the conclusion that the weather here is shit most of the time. Yet it seems that the surf is always good. I’m missing the first night of ¬†SSWC partying to get one more session in. I think it’s the right choice. The water may be freezing cold but the people are incredibly warm and welcoming. Today was by far, the nicest line up I have ever been in. I want to thank Danny, Barry, and Geordie from the Lahinch Hostel for making me feel so at home. I hope that some day you come to Arizona so I can return the favor.


The sun setting on a wonderful day.

Tomorrow I will pedal ~90km south to SSWC base camp in Kilfinane. Hopefully I will get there in time to have a look at the trails before the festivities start in the evening.

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13 Replies to “Pictures from the road”

  1. Kitchen, you and me both. But at least we’d die happy.

    Dirty-Limerick, you say? Never been. But I once knew a man from Nantucket. Does that count?

  2. …ahhh & it’s a damn fine thing that yas snuck past without paying the wee toll or we might all be having to send our dos euros over to the isles just fer gawkin’ at yer foto, lad…

  3. Remember people drink in the the U.K. cause the weather is SOOOOOOOOOO shit everyone is depressed. what better way to cure depression other than be a Drunk. thus pubs every 10ft.

  4. Yeah Dirty! Looks like a killer trip…

    Scope out the single track first?! Ride ’em blind, baby…that’s always worked for me!!


  5. I spent 8 blurry days there with Mrs. thePunk four years ago. Not only did it not rain, but there were hardly any clouds. Bright blue skies from horizon to horizon…

    We went back last year, and it rained for five straight days…

    Big Jonny, the whiskey is beyond sublime and the beer is better than anyplace in the world outside of Belgium. When ordering, I always had the hardest time deciding between the two… So I didn’t and ordered both.

    Dirty, I am jealous to the core of my being. I’ll have a bottle of 18yo Macallan with me at the Barn Burner this weekend, but I’d trade it in a heartbeat to be drinking the house whiskey wherever you are right now.

  6. If there’s anything better on this Earth than Kentucky Bourbon, I’ve not tasted it. And there are American microbrews that put Chimay, etc. to shame. Better booze than that would be worth the trip.