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15 thoughts on “Someone got DC sticker happy

  1. Question:

    In my neck of the woods (back East) we are not permitted to ride on any trails that follow powerlines. The reason I’ve been given is 9.11.01 in that these areas are ‘potential targets of terrorism.’ How does Leadville get around this item, or is this bullshit that I’m being fed

  2. I got snagged riding along power lines here in northern New Jersey. The quad riding sheriff who stopped me gave the same BS about 9-11 that you got. He let me go but said I could actually get arrested for riding there.

    I stopped riding any where near the lines. I’m too good looking for jail.

    9-11 is the ultimate excuse to pass endless, pointless bullshit laws that protect no one but the goons who enforce them.

  3. the west is the best. i’m guessing we don’t have the 9-11 regulations out here because the grid doesn’t serve as many people in a such close proximity. and for the record; you can still camp, drink, and blow shit up in wilderness. just no riding.

  4. …speaking of ‘blowing shit up’, floyd landis, god bless ‘im, is still tryin’ to blow up cyclings ‘status quo’

    “Floyd Landis has alleged that he was sold doping products by a former coach at the US Postal team, Pepe Martí, who then went on to work with Alberto Contador at Discovery Channel and Astana.”


    …i hope the allegation influences the court for the arbitration of sport considering contadors lawyers are constantly submitting so much fucking bullshit as regards clenbuterol to drag this process on & on…“…baffle ’em with bullshit…” strategy…

    …if that bitch contador is acquitted by cas & doesn’t serve a 2 year competition ban, i swear to god i’ll sell my favorite bike for the airfare & i’ll be at the side of the road for next years tour de france where i will personally stick a fucking branch in his front wheel on the fastest downhill, on the biggest mountain stage that they will be riding…

    …just fucking sayin’…

  5. I may be headed to India for a bit with my wife. Perhaps I need to pick up some stickers to spread the word..

  6. Friend o mine got a ticket for riding powered bikes under power lines in the “wild west” of Snottsdale…ticket was NOT for 9-11 but rather a dust ordinance…apparently the only way they could write a ticket….

    but more importantly…I too, need more stickers.

    and beer but i seriously doubt ya’ll are giving that away.

  7. Damn.

    That southern girl has me mesmerized.

    I’ve watched that vid 5x already.

    Wasn’t till the last run I realized there was a potato gun involved.

  8. In the TDF the cars pull off right near the end and not follow the first riders across the line…..